Monday Night RAW Review:- 11/10/14

     Emanating from the hometown of The Beatles, Monday Night RAW was in the right town to invoke a one of a kind passion. Fans from the United Kingdom have long been regarded as one of, if not the most passionate fans in the industry. Also, with the recent controversy regarding the WWE Network launced being delayed in the United Kingdom once again.
         On a night where John Cena announced a new member of his Survivor Series team, (Jack Swagger) to open the show, to a successful title defense and a main event with huge Survivor Series implications. The night finished with one man proclaiming that he was "a team player."


Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger:- With John Cena naming Swagger as a member of Team Cena at Survivor Series, Swagger immediately became a target. He also becomes relevant, if only for a short time and his first test was against Team Authorities captain, Seth Rollins. This match was more competitive than one would think as Jack Swagger looked strong. A lot of suplexes and throws from Swagger early on but Rollins regains control with a dropkick. Swagger regains the upperhand but misses a swagger bomb, landing on his feet in the process as Rollins escapes to the outside.
      Back from the commercial, Rollins has control of Swagger and the crowd is chanting for JBL and Michael Cole. Swagger is now in the drivers seat after tossing Rollins over the top rope. He hit a clothesline and a knee in the corner, setting up for another swagger bomb and connects but only gets a 2 count. Swagger finally gets the patriot lock on Rollins who fights out of it, but Swagger applies it to Rollins again on the outside. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury provide a distraction for Rollins who throws Swagger into the ring post and then hits a curb stomp for the victory.
Winner:-Seth Rollins

After the match, Dr. Chris Aman checks on Swagger but Rollins and the stooges call him off and Rollins hits another curb stomp.

Paige vs. Alicia Fox:- A very nice reception for the homecoming of Paige to her home country. Paige is aggressive out of the gate, taking it to Alicia Fox. Fox catches Paige with a boot to the face, knocking her off the apron. Fox has Paige down for a sleeper until Paige fights out but Fox keeps control. Fox gets Paige in a surfboard but loses her grip and hits Paige with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Paige kicks out at two and rallies back to hit the RamPAIGE for the win.
Winner:- Paige

United States Championship:- Rusev vs. Sheamus:- A lot of hard-hitting actions to begin the match. Both men exchange their hardest hits and punches, trying to get control. Rusev and Sheamus fought to the outside where Rusev hit Sheamus with a fallaway slam on the announce table, gaining control of the match. Sheamus attempted to regain control before the commercial break but Rusev connected with a spinning kick, halting Sheamus momentum.
       Rusev continues control until Sheamus hits a shoulder block and a running knee to take control. After his signature forearms to the chest of Rusev, Sheamus attempts the cloverleaf submission but Rusev powers out. After a brief back and forth, Sheamus hits white noise for a close 2 count.
         The finish comes when Sheamus is dominating Rusev on the outside, tossing him into the barriers but a distraction from Noble and Mercury cause Sheamus to lose via countout.
Winner by countout:- Rusev

Los Matadores vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow:- A very brief match, but MizDow was by far the most popular superstar in that match. Hornswoggle, dressed as The Miz accompanied MizDow and Miz to the ring. Los Matadores are in control until MizDow tags in and they pick up the win.
Winners:- The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mark Henry:-  Before the match begins, a Luke Harper vignette mocking Ziggler appears. The match is back and forth to start but quickly breaks down into a full out butt whooping. Henry and Ziggler brawl to the outside where Ziggler is thrown into the barricade. Henry uses a steel chair and gets disqualified.
Winner by DQ:- Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Big Show comes out to assist Ziggler and announces hes on Team Cena.

Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee:- Brie was told by Nikki earlier in the night to not lose. She dominates most of the match until she misses her dropkick from the 2nd rope. AJ capitalizes on the error and locks in the Black Widow submission, causing Brie to submit.
Winner:- AJ Lee

After the match, Nikki assaulted AJ.

Adam Rose vs. Tyson Kidd:- As the match begins, Kidd is in control after a big kick, but then something strange occurs. Erick Rowan walks down the ramp, parts the Rosebuds like the red sea and stares at Adam Rose's bunny. After that, Rowan walks around the ring and proceeds to take off his mask and Rowan says "she's not here." Upon his exit through the crowd, the match continues as Rose took control. The bunny ascended to the top rope but Rose told him to get down, allowing Kidd to lock in the sharpshooter for the victory.
Winner:- Tyson Kidd

After the match, Rose kicks the bunny in the mid-section and walks off with his Rosebuds.

John Cena vs. Ryback:- Cena attempts an AA right out of the gate but it blocked. Ryback dominates Cena during the early stages and hits a running kick on Cena. After exchanging words with Kane at ringside, Ryback is knocked off the apron by Cena onto Kane as the commercial arrives.
        Ryback and Cena continue to fight back and forth, exchanging rights and lefts. After Cena comes back in after a 7 count, Ryback hits a suplex on Cena, only getting a 2 count. Ryback ends up hittig Cena with a pretty Lou Thez press and proceeds to slam Cena's head into the mat repeatedly, and a splash for good measure.
           In typical Cena fashion, he rallies but is stopped by Ryback who hits a nasty powerbomb, for a close 2 count. Cena locks in the STF but Ryback fights back and hits another splash, getting a 2 count. The fans get involved with a "Feed Me More" chant after Ryback hits a spinebuster. Kane comes into the match and attacks Cena, who moments earlier knocked Kane off the apron.
Winner via DQ:- John Cena.
        The show ends with Ryback standing tall after The Authority (Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Henry and Kane) destroyed Team Cena (Cena, Sheamus and Big Show). Ryback took out the Authority single handedly and walked off.

           The final scene of the night is Ziggler flying into The Authorities office. The camera cuts to Luke Harper who says "I'm a team player," thus ending the show and completing Team Authority.

 Although dull at times, this RAW did a superb job setting up Survivor Series and most importantly, all members of Team Cena and Team Authority make sense. Except Mark Henry, as he was just feuding with Rusev a month ago and now he's teaming with him. It is nice to see a big storyline such as this receive a lot of attention, it makes it feel important.

Rating:- 7.5/10

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.