SmackDown Quick Recap:- 11/14/14

 Much like Monday Night RAW this week, SmackDown came to us from the home of The Beatles in Liverpool. The show was helped tremendously with the announcement that Chris Jericho would be in the building. The Ayatollah of Rock N'Rolla was set to host the highlight reel, but did his guests have the true AUTHORITY? An intercontinental championship defense led to a spectacle for all fans to enjoy. And finally, "Big Hungry" Ryback was in the main-event against the man he called "a big dummy" earlier in the night. Lets take a look.

Highlight Reel ft. The Authority:- Chris Jericho and his talk show segment, The Highlight Reel open up the show. The Liverpool fans gave Jericho a great reception, even though hes been gone for only a few months. Jericho introduces Liverpool to "SmackDown is Jericho!" Jericho really seems intent on finding out who Adam Rose's bunny is, because he's awesome. Funaki is Jericho's guess for the man behind the bunny ears, which begins a Funaki chant. Perhaps the very first one, as Jericho points out.

Jericho introduces The Authority as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way out to the ring. Funny moment when Stephanie wants Jericho to kiss her hand and he acts like he's having a gag reflex. Then Jericho says that it's time to cut through the excuses, why did The Authority ask to be on the Highlight Reel? Stephanie retorts with the fact that The Authority simply always give the people what they want. Giving Liverpool Chris Jericho, giving SmackDown the Highlight Reel. Stephanie says that The Authority runs the show with the fans interests in mind and that nobody could run the show like The Authority.

Jericho says he could run the WWE, and adds on that the most important thing is the WWE universe running the show. He proceeds to ask the WWE universe in attendance of what Triple H and Stephanie should do. Should Stephanie be thrown in a pile of mud? Should Triple H lick and shine Jericho's shoes? Should Triple H clean the toilets? All of those draw a resounding "YES!" chant.

Triple H cuts Jericho off and tells him that The Authority will be the ones to have the last laugh. They don't cater to the audience and that if Jericho keeps this up, maybe next time, The Authority won't be so open to have Jericho come back.

As Triple H and Stephanie are walking-off, Jericho says that he sees an arena full of Jerichoholics and then serenades The Authority with his own version of "Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey goodbye," describing the moment when The Authority will loses at Survivor Series.

Bray Wyatt vs. Sin Cara:- This match was almost entirely Bray Wyatt. An early onslaught held Sin Cara down for the longest time. Cara was able to get a few kicks and a crossbody in on Wyatt. Ultimately, the eater of worlds proved too strong. After doing his demented spider-like walk, Wyatt hit Cara with Sister Abigail for the victory.
Winner:- Bray Wyatt

After the match, Bray Wyatt grabs a microphone and talks about Dean Ambrose being a mere puppet who's last in the dark and that Bray Wyatt is one who can lead him back. How he wishes every Christmas morning that his father would come back, but it never happened.
Ambrose music hits and he charges the ring, but Wyatt escapes and after giving Ambrose a quick talk, he jumps in the ring, lets Ambrose punch him and quickly exits. As Wyatt is walking up the ramp, Wyatt tells Ambrose he is the light Ambrose has been searching for and that he should embrace him.

Gold & Stardust vs. Adam Rose & The Bunny:- Goldust is in control early as Adam Rose struggles to mount any offense. Stardust finds his way into the match as he and brother Goldust kept Rose off balance. The Bunny finds his into the match and gets some offense in, including a slingshot and missle dropkick. The end comes when Rose demands to be tagged in and The Bunny refuses, allowing Stardust to hit Dark Matter for the victory.
Winners:- Gold & Stardust
After the match, Rose taunts the fallen Bunny and hits the Party Foul on him.

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Cesaro- Elimination Match:- Intercontinental Championship:-

Earlier in the night, Ziggler said The Authority has thrown a lot his way recently, but all he has to do is last 10 more days. That unenviable task began on SmackDown, defending his Intercontinental Championship against two fine athletes. This match was simply one of those rare, special occasions where everything goes right. Everybody brought their best effort, and everything went right. It would be a crime to try and describe this match move for move, it would degrade these men's efforts. So if you get the chance, try and find a medium in which you, the fans can view this match. You would be doing yourselves a huge favor. Dolph Ziggler won the match, last eliminating Tyson Kidd, who eliminated Cesaro, and retained his championship.
Winner:- Dolph Ziggler

Natalya vs. Layla w/Summer Rae:- A good back and forth match between two of the most athletic and talented divas on the roster. Layla user a lot of straightforward offense, kicks and punches to Natalya to keep her off balance. Outside the ring, Natalya gains the upperhand by throwing Layla into Summer Rae, eliminating her as a factor in the match. Natalya ends up locking on the sharpshooter on Layla for he victroy
Winner:- Natalya

Backstage, Bryon Saxton tries to get an interview with Dean Ambrose who says he is sick of Bray Wyatt's crap and it'll be a regret if Wyatt tries getting inside his head. Wyatt appears from behind, assaulting Ambrose with a case and then hitting Sister Abigail on the wall. Wyatt says that society tries and put a label on us and trap us in a box, and the next box we end up in is underground.

Ryback vs Kane:- With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at ringside, Kane and Ryback engaged in a physical, hard hitting match. Each man hitting the other one with their best shot. Trying to get a leg up before Survivor Series. Although, earlier in the night, Ryback said he's not on Team Cena or Team Authority, however, he is on Team Ryback. Both big men had a good pace with their hard hitting moves and it really looked like either one might prevail. At the end, Ryback off of a meat hook clothesline attempted to hit shellshoked, but Kane rolled out of the ring. When Ryback followed suit, Kane assaulted him with a chair, ending the match.
Winner by DQ:-Ryback

After the match, Ryback regains control, using the chair on Kane and having a staredown with Triple H as the crowd chanted "Feed me more," and the show went off the air.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.