Friday Night SmackDown! Review:- 11/7/14

        An impending tour of the United Kingdom forced the WWE to quickly put together a show. Many top stars were absent from this weeks SmackDown, while a lot of middle of the card guys took on the load. A returning future hall of famer tried setting two guys, both off their rocker straight and a cage match was the latest twist in the most overdone rivalry of the year. Let's take a look.

The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust(c)- Steel Cage Match:- WWE Tag Team Championship:-
   The Uso's are in control early, chopping Stardust and Goldust and hitting their usual flurry of flips. Before the first commercial break, Goldust regains control as he throws Jimmy Uso into the cage on a failed attempt of a splash.  Back from break, Goldust remains in control until Jimmy blocks a suplex attempt and hits a spinning dive onto Goldust. Jey gets tagged in along with Stardust and Jey hits Stardust with clotheslines, a kick to the midsection and a awkward looking samoan drop. Goldust attempted to interfere but catches nothing but steel cage. Jey has both Goldust and Stardust in the corners, ready to hit splashes, he catches Goldust but Stardust blocks him and gets a count of 2. The Dust Brothers regain control after Goldust breaks up a pin attempt ad throws Jimmy into the steel cage. After exchanges of finishers by Stardust and Jey, Stardust attempts to escape the cage, only to be stopped. Goldust eats a superplex and splash from Jey but Stardust comes out of nowhere to roll up Jey for the pinfall victory.
Winners:- Gold & Stardust

* It really is becoming more and more pointless to have cage matches if the cage is rarely, if ever coming into play. Overall, this match was fun to watch and the ending was pretty sweet, having Cody roll up Jey for the victory. With the win, this feud should come to an end.

Ryback vs. Cesaro:- Cesaro begins with an impressive showing, taking it to Ryback with a big boot, right hands and uppercuts and a sleeper hold. You could call Ryback Switzerland because Cesaro managed to neutralize him. Ryback manages to use his power to get out of it until Cesaro quickly regained control with a dropkick and a suplex. Ryback finally gains control as he hits Cesaro with a spinebuster and a meathook clothesline. One shellshock attempt later, Ryback eats ring post as Cesaro counters momentarily. Cesaro's last bit of offense was a diving elbow off the tope rope until Ryback countered a suplex attempt and hit shellshocked for the victory.
Winner:- Ryback

*It's a shame and a disaster what has happened to Cesaro. This man won the inaugural Andre The Giant battle royal at Wrestlemania 30 this year and has done absolutely nothing since. Even though he isn't being "squashed" and looking competitive in most matches, he's still losing left and right.

R-Truth vs. Adam Rose:- Nothing more than a comedy match. Adam Rose's bunny was the highlight of this dull match as all Truth and Rose did was dance. The bunny was twerking on the apron and R-Truth rolls up Rose for the win, yes, that's exactly what happened.
Winner:- R-Truth

Rose is dejected and pushes the bunny to the floor, and teases attacking him but leaves with the Exotic Express.

The Peep Show:- Christian is back to host the latest edition of The Peep Show, with specaial guests, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. Christian plugs his new endeavor, his role on the SyFy show, Haven alongside Edge. He polls the crowd as to who they think will win Team Authority vs Team Cena at Survivor Series, with Team Cena winning the crowd poll. This brings out Dean Ambrose. Ambrose says that he isn't sure why Wyatt is targeting him because he has nothing to target him for. No championship or anything like that but he loves being in the ring and tasting his own blood and picking up his broken body and continue fighting.
     This brings out Bray Wyatt, who remain seated in his rocking chair on the ramp. Wyatt compares Ambrose to a fish out of water, gasping for air. Wyatt offers to heal Ambrose, much like how he offered Daniel Bryan the same, but he defied him and is now nowhere to be found. But Ambrose could be a different story. Wyatt brings up Ambrose's dad being in prison and asks him if he still sends him postcards from prison, which sends Ambrose off the deep end and he charges up the ramp. Lights go out and Wyatt appears behind Ambrose, yelling "RUN" in his ear as the segment ends.

* That was a brilliant segment, finally gave this feud some steam and a reason to be watched. Up until this point, Ambrose and Wyatt hadn't even been face to face. A nice change of pace.

Summer Rae vs. Natalya:- This match was all Natalya from the onset and she used powerslams, dropkicks and right hands to keep Rae at bay. A Tyson Kidd distraction allowed Rae to roll up Natalya for the win.
Winner:- Summer Rae

*Third match to end via a roll-up already. It kills the entire purpose of the move.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane- Steel Cage Match:- In a match that was made earlier in the night by Kane himself, the big red demon and the Intercontinental Champion battled in a steel cage. Kane was in the lead at the beginning stages of the match with a big boot to Ziggler, knocking him silly. After missing a clothesline, Kane receives a DDT from Ziggler for a close 2 count. Ziggler ascends the cage, only to be stopped by Kane. Ziggler manages to escape Kane clutches but catches an uppercut off the top rope for a near fall. One failed chokeslam attempt later, Ziggler is on his way up the cage again, only to be pulled off and Kane connecting with the vaunted chokeslam. Kane signaled for the tombstone, but Ziggler is able to connect with his Zig-Zag for a near fall. At this point, Ziggler crawls to the cage door, only to be stopped by Kane but after getting back to his feet, Ziggler hits a superkick. Kane ends up missing a tackle a few moments later and hits an exposed turnbuckle he was responsible for exposing earlier. In the finale of this match, Ziggler is making his way out the cage and Kane kicks the door open, trapping Ziggler on it, until Ziggler kicks the door back into Kane's face and escapes the cage for the victory.
Winner:- Dolph Ziggler

*A good match, but for some reason, any match Kane is involved now feels like a regular match. From his character to his dreadfully plain attire, Kane is no longer a monster, but an overgrown middle management crony. He needs to be revamped. Ziggler main evented a show, which is a positive.

Rating:- 6/10

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.