Exclusive: Mega Muscle Talks Being a Tag Team [Part 1]

Sex, Weights and Protein Shakes.

Ask any gym rat with an ego and they'll tell you that is the ultimate dream. However, Mega Muscle, the Five Borough Wrestling Tag Team champions, Mike Verna and The Big O are not just any gym rats. The inaugural tag team champions for FBW are not tag-team competitors at heart, but with their intimidating physiques and charismatic ways, the duo understands that there is potential to do something great.

"We're just a prime example of two guys with a common goal, and a common passion for the sport of wrestling," said The Big O. "We just proved that you can bring two opposites together and they can co-exist and they can be successful."

In Part 1 of this exclusive interview, the champs discuss their unlikely union, which tag teams they would like to wrestle and why they are the team to beat.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.