Monday Night RAW is Jericho Results:- 12/15/14

With a disappointing TLC pay-per-view in the books, RAW emanated from Detroit Rock City. And how apropos that Fozzy's own rocking front man and former Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho was the guest host for the show. With Brock Lesnar's return scheduled for the night and Seth Rollins still have a score to settle, how did all of these elements add up to a shocking end to RAW?

Chris Jericho opens the show to a thunderous ovation. Jericho says he is excited to be he here for RAW is Jericho and to be here in Detroit Rock City. Jericho mentions his Slammy victory from last week for extreme moment of the year, but has an issue with the man who accepted the Slammy on his behalf, Fandango. Jericho proceeds to call out Fandango but instead, Paul Heyman comes out and says that if anybody should be receiving a slammy for something "extreme," it should be the father of extreme. Heyman says that he has an issue with Jericho being the general manager as somebody with a history of running promotions should be running RAW. Jericho jokes that Heyman still owes him $200 and that he wants it right now. Jericho proceeds to frisk Heyman for the money but Heyman tells Jericho to not touch him. Heyman then discusses Seth Rollins who could have become the next Paul Heyman guy if he only beat John Cena last night. Seth Rollins music hits and he comes out, security in tow.

Rollins gets in Heyman's face and asks him if he has anything to say. Rollins bullies Heyman a little bit but then turns his attention to John Cena. Rollins says that he wants a rematch with Cena but not tonight as he's banged up from his ladder match. Cena's music hits as he comes out to a nice reaction.

Cena tells Rollins that just because he has a microphone, doesn't mean he has testicles. He says that men don't make excuses, even when fighting a beast as Cena looks at Heyman. Cena tells Rollins that after his match with Lesnar is official, he wants a rematch with Rollins tonight. Cena then brings up the man who can make matches tonight, Chris Jericho who then makes the rematch for TONIGHT, inside of a STEEL CAGE.

Rollins is dejected and tells Jericho he is jealous of Rollins and that Jericho couldn't even beat the popcorn guy or Paul Heyman, at which Heyman laughs. Jericho makes a match for tonight, Chris Jericho vs Paul Heyman and the fans will vote for the stipulation.

Erick Rowan/Dolph Ziggler vs. Big Show/ Luke Harper:- Big Show tries to use his power to keep Ziggler at bay for Ziggler hits Show in the face with his feet and hits a dropkick to surprise Show.
Back from break, Harper is dominating Ziggler with a sleeper and then a stiff right hand to the jaw. Harper continues to be all over Ziggler until a botch allows Ziggler to hit a big boot to Harper and tag in Rowan. Rowan hits Harper with a Full-Nelson slam and knocks Show off the apron. Rowan then hits Show with a spinning heel kick but then Harper nails Rowan with a superkick. Ziggler takes Harper to the outside and they fight over the announce table which enabled Show to hit the KO punch to Rowan for the win.
Winners:- Big Show/Luke Harper

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel with Rusev is announced for tonight.

Fandango is shown backstage and Jericho comes into the picture. Jericho tells Fandango to shut the hell up and once he's done with Heyman, he will come back and dance all over Fandango's face and get his slammy.

The New Day is backstage with Renee Young. Xavier Woods says that there is no room for negativity, Kofi raps and Big E says that tonight will be a great night, Woods and Kofi tell Langston to wipe off his massive amounts of sweat.

Natalya/Alicia Fox vs. The Bella Twins:- Natalya picks up the win after locking in the sharpshooter on Brie Bella.
Winners:- Natalya/Alicia Fox

Tyson Kidd is at ringside checking on Nikki Bella as Natalya celebrates but he gets in the ring to celebrate with his wife.

Highlight Reel w/ Rusev & Lana:- Lana reminds us that Rusev beat that stupid American, Jack Swagger last night and hopes Jericho has some intelligent questions, which she doubts. Jericho makes fun of Lana and Rusev until Rusev says he might just crush Jericho right now. Jericho tells Rusev he doesn't want to fight but knows somebody who does. Ryback's music hits as he makes his way to the ring and stands face to face with Rusev, who leaves the ring.

Xavier Woods & Big E vs. Gold & Stardust:- Woods and Goldust start and some acrobatic offense from Woods keeps Goldust off balance. Big E and Stardust continue and Big E uses his brute strength to overpower Stardust. Gold & Stardust are kept off balance by constant tags between the New Day members. Back from commercial, the Dust Brothers are in control but so is the crowd as loud "CM Punk" and "NXT" chants are showing the crowds distaste for the match. Woods and Big E get the win with the midnight hour finisher.
Winners:- The New Day

The Miz and Damien Mizdow are backstage and The Miz says that Jimmy Uso is just a former tag team champion who's red carpet success will only consist of accompanying his wife Naomi.

Adam Rose and The Rosebuds run into Kane who notifies Kane of his match tonight, against him.

Kane vs. Adam Rose:-  Kane dominates Rose and chokeslams both Rose and The Bunny for the win.
Winner:- Kane

After the match, Kane tombstones The Bunny.

Chris Jericho is out to face Paul Heyman. Heyman comes out and says that he doesn't understand why Jericho is making such a big deal over $200. Heyman knows how big of a star Jericho is and that he'd rather make it right and give Jericho those $200. Heyman pulls out a checkbook and begins writing a check but Jericho slaps it out of Heyman's hands and asks for the result of the tonight's voting, a street fight. Heyman tells Jericho that he doesn't understand why he would want to fight....BROCK LESNAR!

Lesnar's music hits and Lesnar comes out. After circling the ring, Lesnar gets in the ring and Jericho's face. Jericho attempts to hit Lesnar with a codebreaker but instead got an F5 for his troubles.

Fandango is out and says that now, Raw WAS Jericho. Roman Reigns music hits to a thunderous ovation. Reigns gets in the ring and hits the Superman Punch on Fandango and follows it up with a devastating spear. The crowd breaks out in a loud "Roman Reigns" chant as Reigns prepares to speak but Big Show's music cuts him off.

Reigns warns that if Big Show comes to the ring, he'll get punches in the mouth. He lives up to his promise as Reigns hits Show with a superman punch as Show got on the apron.

The Miz vs. Jimmy Uso:- Miz tries running away from Jimmy but he gets to Miz and doesn't let Miz get control. A very even match with Mizdow emulating the very fluid crashes and burns of The Miz. Jimmy Uso picks up the victory after Jey provides a slight distraction, enabling Jimmy to hit a superkick and splash off the top rope for the win.
Winner:- Jimmy Uso

Naomi is backstage and runs into Miz and MizDow and Miz says he can help her with her career and invites her to be on MIZ TV tomorrow night on Main Event.

Renee Young has Seth Rollins backstage who says that it's ridiculous that 24 hours after his tables match he has to wrestle in a cage match. Especially against the man who cost him the two biggest matches of his career. Rollins says nobody is safe and that the Authority should be back in power and that Cena will be taught a lesson he will never forget.

Seth Rollins w/ J&J Security vs. John Cena- Steel Cage Match:- Rollins tries escaping early but Cena stops him in his tracks. Cena takes it ro Rollins early who takes it to Cena with a kick to the face. Cena take down Rollins and slingshots him into the cage but Rollins grabs the cage and tries to escape. Cena stops him once again and hits a bulldog off the top rope for a two count. Cena attempts to escape by climbing while Rollins asks for the cage door to be opened. Cena realizes he is about to lose and stops Rollins from escaping. Rollins tries escaping by climbing but Cena climbs up to stop him again and Rollins counters into a running powebomb in the corner. Back from break, Cena counters a right hand and hits his five moves of doom. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle but gets a kick in the head. Cena ends up completing the five knuckle shuffle and then chucks Rollins into the cage as Joey Mercury tried interfering. Rollins receives an AA but kicks out at two. Cena tries to escape via the door but Jamie Noble holds the door closed but Cena overpowers Noble off of the door. Rollins grabs Cena and tries to hit a superplex. Cena rams Rollins head into the cage, knocking him down and hitting his leg drop off the top rope for two. Cena begins climbing up the cage but Rollins pulls him down and does the same. Cena yanks him off into an AA position but Rollins fights off Cena and hits a flying knee to Cena's face off the top rope. Rollins is frustrated and throws Cena face first into the cage, twice. Rollins tries a third time but Cena counters and throws Rollins into the cage instead. Both men are down as Cena tries crawling outside the door. Joey Mercury hits the door into Cena and Rollins goes for the cover, only getting two. Rollins goes for a curb stop but Cena counters into an STF. Rollins manages to crawl to the door as the security and Cena play tug-o-war with Rollins but Cena yanks him back into the ring. Rollins regroups and hits a kick to Cena's head for a two. Rollins uses the MITB briefcase but misses and Cena hits him with a clothesline, turning him inside out, for two. Rollins blocks an AA attempt, landing on his feet and hits Cena with the briefcase for two. Rollins climbs over the cage but Cena and security engage in another tug-o-war  but Cena pulls Rollins back in for an AA off the top rope. The door is opened as Lesnar's music hits. Lesnar storms into the ring and hits Cena with three german suplexes and an F5. Rollins looks to be Lesnar's next victim until Lesnar offers Cena's remains to Rollins, with Heyman extended his hand to Rollins and they shake it on it. Lesnar and Heyman leave as Rollins lays out Cena with a curb stomp and leaves the cage for the win.
Winner:- Seth Rollins

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.