Exclusive: David Finlay Jr Talks Father, Training, Traveling and Future

Credit:- Sulaiman Larokko
With big shoes to fill and time on his side, 4th generation wrestler, David Finlay Jr, the son of Fit Finlay, is confident in his ability to be successful in the business in which his father is regarded as a legend.

In the two short years that Finlay Jr laced up his boots and entered the squared circle, he developed a love and understanding for the business that spans the globe. From Africa, Germany, Japan and now in New York, Finlay Jr also knows the path in which he wants to take his career. All the while doing in as purely himself, without being defined by his lineage.

In this exclusive interview, Finlay Jr discusses becoming a professional wrestling, his father's influence, traveling the world, a funny story on how he began his career, his future and so much more.

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Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.