Pro Wrestling Syndicate's 'Fightmare Before Christmas' Results

In their final show of the year, Pro Wrestling Syndicate hosted the highly anticipated, "Fightmare Before Christmas" event with big names, big matches and big crowd packed into the Rahway Rec Center for one final time in 2014.

 Matthew Bryant has the results.

 Matt MacIntosh vs. Habib from the Car Wash:-  Habib hit MacIntosh with a double knee to the shoulder maneuver, followed by a front roll into a pin for the victory.
Winner:- Habib from the Car Wash

Habib continues being the most over and popular mainstay from the PWS promotion.

After the match, Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ring to congratulate MacIntosh on his loss. Nash knees him in the gut, teases a jacknife but hits him with a chokeslam instead.

 Colt Cabana vs. "The Drunken Swashbuckler vs.Dan Muff vs. Fallahh Bahh w/ Edward Jackson- Fatal Fourway Elimination Match
- Cabana eliminated Swashbuckler after a butt bump.
-Cabana eliminated by Bahh after a banzai drop.
-Maff defeats Bahh with a clothesline after using an impressive moderated torture rack on the big man .
Winner:- Dan Maff

Vanity & Big Deal vs. Chris Payne/ Tessa Blanchard:- Match ends up as a mixed tag after it was originally scheduled to be Big Deal vs. Chris Payne. The crowd did not seem to be into this match until Big Deal landed a huge frog splash onto Tessa Blanchard. Deal hit the referee but the referee fought back, allowing Payne to hit a schoolboy for the victory.
Winners:- Chris Payne & Tessa Blanchard

Big Deal, with some assistance beats up the referee which promptly brings out Tully Blanchard himself. Blanchard lands three huge dropkicks to fend off Big Deal and company. The two Blanchard's and Chris Payne celebrate until Tully does a Ric Flair strut for a huge pop.

Pat Buck vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett is up next but before the match begins, Jarrett takes the time to heavily plug his GFW promotion while saying that PWS will fall in comparison to GFW and insulted the state of New Jersey.

This brings out Tommy Dreamer who cuts off Jarrett. Dreamer says that NJ, PHI and NY as the best crowds in the world and that they made him. The match turns out to be an Extreme Rules Triple Threat match as Nash grants Dreamer the authority to change the match.

Jarrett backs out which causes a "Jarrett is a PU**Y" chant. Dreamer asks "Are you saying Jeff or Karen?"

Jeff Jarrett gets involved as Dreamer does a Ric Flair strut. Karen Jarrett grabs a microphone and yells so loud she cannot be understood.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Pat Buck vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett- Extreme Rules Triple Threat
    With a chair set up in the ring, Buck places Jarrett face/chest first onto the chair and attempts a frog splash. Buck misses the splash, allowing Jarrett to roll him up for the victory.
Winner:- Jeff Jarrett
After the match, Buck thanks PWS for giving him the chance WWE, TNA and other promotions did not. Buck announces he bought television time for PWS and that they debut on January 3rd on WLNYTV.

5) Reality Check (Moore/ Varro) vs.Bullet Club (Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson)
 Bullet Club picks up the victory after Gallows and Anderson used a devastating tag team move to finish off Reality Check.
Winners:- Bullet Club

New Jack comes out to a nice reaction from the crowd. He will be the timekeeper for the next match.

Fightmare Battle Royal:- 18 men competed but only one man could be victorious in this huge battle royal.
Winner:- Starman

Suicidal Six Way Title Match:- Amazing Red (c) vs. Shyrnon vs. Tony Nese vs. Ricochet vs. BXL vs. Tracy Smothers:- The best back and forth match with incredible action by all six competitors. Amazing Red retains his championship.
Winner:- Amazing Red

The Snake Pit with The Untouchables:- Jake "The Snake" Roberts who seemed to be less than enthused when interacting with fans didn't carry that over into his segment. Roberts hit a DDT on all three members of the Untouchables while starting up his own "one more match" chant.

Gangrel vs. CPA:- Gangrel wins in a good match.
Winner:- Gangrel

Handicap Heroes vs. Reynolds Brothers:- PWS Tag Team Title Maatch:-  The Handicap Heroes put up a valiant effort but the Reynolds Brothers retained their tag team championships.
Winners:- Reynolds Brothers

Kevin Matthews vs. Brian Myers:- Singapore Cane Match:- Myers picks up the victory after his faction threw in the towel, thus forfeiting the match.
Winner:- Brian Myers

PWS World Title Match:- Bonesaw vs. Mario Bokara (c) :- Bonesaw wins the world title from Mario Bokara after long, hard fought match.
Winner and NEW PWS Champion:- Bonesaw

The title reign doesn't last long as Fallahh Bahh makes quick work of the new champion, Bonesaw and wins the world title.

Winner and NEW Champion:- Fallah Bahh

Independent Wrestling Match of the Year:- Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles Special Guest Referee- Jerry Lynn :- After fantastic, acrobatic and back and forth main event, the match is called due to time limit.
Result:- Draw

Styles asks for five more minutes but Luke Gallows comes out to assault both Styles and RVD. Gallows lightened up the intensity of his assault to play to the crowd. Tommy Dreamer came out to assist RVD and Lynn. All the ECW Originals sent the crowd home happy by signing autographs, taking pictures and hugging fans.

Side note:- Several reports online have circulated that Tully Blanchard suffered a torn bicep at tonight's event. No confirmation of that report has been received.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.