Darren Drozdov Thriving Years After Accident

Credit:- FOX Sports
There is truly never a good time to suffer an injury, especially for an athlete. Once your body goes, so does your career and sometimes that change can affect an athlete's fading performance, financial stability and even their mental stability.

Then there is the case of former WWF superstar, Darren Drozdov.

Drozdov came into the WWF during its famous "Attitude Era" under the gimmick name, "Puke." Having the unique ability to regurgitate on command sparked an interest in company owner, Vince McMahon who thought that his special talent could produce an interesting persona.

All of a sudden, "Droz," as he was also known saw his dreams, goals and aspirations fade away after an incident in a match with D-Lo Brown left Drozdov a quadriplegic. It was a crushing end to a promising athlete's career but now, 15 years later, Drozdov reflected on life after immobility in an interview with Jim Ross on FOXSports.com.
"I have no hard feelings toward D'Lo because sh*t happens and everyone who gets involved in athletics, including WWE, knows the risks that exist," Droz told me by phone from his New Jersey home recently. "It was an accident."
It's a very positive outlook on life now for the 45 year-old Drozdov who harbors no ill will toward Brown for his role in the incident. However, having Brown's sympathy and remorse for his actions isn't the only thing that helped Droz survive as the WWE have assisted Drozdov in living as normal a life as possible.
"The McMahons came through for me and I remember my Dad saying after the surgeries that 'Thank God that you worked for WWE,' " Droz said. "The WWE is still supportive."
The road has been tough and at times depressing for Drozdov. Since he wasn't the only one affected by this incident, as countless family members and other key people in his life felt the affects as well, Drozdov continues to have a positive outlook with a great "team" by his side.
"My team is a Godsend and all I can do for them is to not give up and to battle just like I have all my life. I even try and motivate them and I hope that I do."
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Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.