WWE Live Holiday Tour Results:- 12/26/14

With the year drawing to a close, WWE returned to the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden as part of their Holiday Tour. WWE has been returning to the Garden after Christmas for the past few years and much like the events prior, WWE put on a great show. The drawing points to this show were John Cena facing Seth Rollins in a NYC Street Fight in the main event and the return of The Viper, Randy Orton. Lets take a look.

Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler (c)- Intercontinental Championship:- A great opening contest between two of the WWE's brightest stars. The match saw a lot of back and forth action with Harper being in control for most of the early part of the match. Despite being on the receiving end of some spinning forearms from Harper, Ziggler picked up the victory after two superkicks and a zig-zag.
Winner:- Dolph Ziggler

After the match, J&J security rushed the ring to assault Ziggler. Seth Rollins made his way to the ring as well, hitting Ziggler with a curb stomp. Rollins claimed that what he does to Cena in the main event will make this look like child's play.

Curtis Axel vs. Ryback:- In a battle between former tag team partners, Ryback made quick work of Axel after hitting shellshock. Axel was able to hit a perfect plex before suffering the loss.
Winner:- Ryback

Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn (c)- NXT Championship:- Both competitors got nice reactions from the New York City faithful, alongside some "NXT" chants. Great match between two of NXT's finest as a fast pace, high flying and a lively crowd made this contest the match of the night. Zayn picked up the victory.
Winner:- Sami Zayn

Kane was shown on the big screen, promising to ruin Randy Orton's big return.

A texting poll opened up before the show allowed fans to vote on Fandango vs. Jack Swagger being either a dance contest or a match. Dance contest won 55% to 45%.

Rosa Mendes did her usual seductive dance bit as Fandango ran down to the ring. Swagger was out next to a nice reaction. Fandango and Rosa did a small dance bit to Fandango's entrance theme. Swagger began dancing to "Can't Touch This" as Fandango assaulted Swagger. Swagger quickly turned it around, locking Fandango in the Patriot Lock as he and Mendes made their way to the back.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow made their way out with Miz being booed and Mizdow receiving great support from the MSG crowd. Miz ran down all the NY Sports teams and how he is a huge star. The Uso's made their way out and reminded Miz that he's not well liked and then did a bit a survey, getting the crowd to boo Miz and cheer Mizdow.

The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. The Usos- WWE Tag Team Championship:- Most of match saw Mizdow serving his duties as the stunt double, imitating The Miz. The crowd cheered for Mizdow all match long and Miz tagged him in only to tag himself back in. Mizdow's presence in the match was limited, until the end where Miz used him as a distraction, allowing Miz to hit a skull crushing finale for the victory.
Winners:- The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Randy Orton vs. Kane:- Randy Orton made his return and the New York faithful welcomed him with a tremendous reaction. Kane couldn't muster much offense besides punches and a crushing sideslam. Orton hit Kane with his patented moves such as the double rope DDT and an RKO outta nowhere for the victory.
Winner:- Randy Orton

Paige is announced as the special guest referee for the following divas match.

Alicia Fox & Emma vs. The Bella Twins:- The crowd really seemed to be elsewhere during this match. Very slow paced match which Alicia Fox won after pinning Brie Bella thanks to Paige doing a fast count.
Winners:- Alicia Fox & Emma

Santino Marella made a special appearance to recite a poem but also announced he is still months away from an in-ring return. Big Show interrupted Santino but Erick Rowan made his way to the ring for their scheduled match.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan:- Easily, the slowest match of the night as neither man really got into the groove. Rowan was able to hit his spinning kick on Big Show. But, it proved to not be enough as Rowan lost after Show hit him with an awkward KO punch for the win.
Winner:- Big Show

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena- NYC Street Fight:- John Cena got the loudest ovation of the night with less boo's than usual. Many moving parts in this match as Cena was continually stopped by J&J security. Cena was finally able to dispatch of both Noble and Mercury after hitting a double AA on both men. The crowd kept chanting that they want tables and there were two big table spots, the first being Cena whipping Rollins into the table across the ring. Kane interfered in the match, but Randy Orton made the save and chased Kane back to the locker room. Big Show also interfered, hitting Cena with a chokeslam. Ziggler made the save, superkicking Big Show who then received an AA from Cena. Rollins attempted to hit a curb stomp through a table on Cena from the top rope but Cena countered and hit an AA on Rollins through the table for the victory to send the fans home happy.
Winner:- John Cena

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.