FSW Immortals Holiday IV Recap

Fighting Spirit Wrestling:- Immortals Holidays IV

With the last show of the year, the talented, hungry, dedicated and passionate wrestlers of both the Ludus Wrestling School and worldwide came together to put on a show that ended the year with a bang. 

 The holidays  are upon us and in the spirit of the holiday season, a lot of toys came into play.It was violent, it was ugly and it was entertaining.

From barbed wire baseball bats, to tables, to ladders to chairs or even panes of glass, nobody entered the right at Immortals Holiday and left that ring the same person. 

2014 ended up as a banner year for FSW and set expectations higher than ever coming into the New Year. But first, let's take a look at the fourth installment of Immortals Holiday.

Pre- Show

Ace Maravilla vs. Selfie Josh:- Ace begins the match and takes it to Selfie Josh early, landing a stiff right hand in the process. A lot of back and forth action until the match spills to the outside. Ace uses the barricade to assault Selfie Josh and throws him back in the ring. Ace applies a Boston Crab to Josh who manages to get to the ropes.Ace then locks in a figure four leg lock but Josh is able to turn to his belly and reverse the pressure. With both men regaining their composure, Ace continued his onslaught and told the crowd that we’re looking at the future of FSW. Josh had other ideas as he landed some shots but Ace managed to turn the tables and hit a devastating elbow to pick up the win.
Winner:- Ace Maravilla

Decent match to start the show, however the ending was anti-climatic. The referee counted to three and it appeared Josh kicked out, but he didn’t and the referee awarded Ace the victory. A puzzling end.

The Sons of America vs. The Neighborhood Heroes:- A debut match for both tag teams. Back and forth action to start until the Heroes hit a double suplex to take the control. The Sons of America battled back and used a lot of clothesline and suplexes keep one of the Heroes down. It wasn’t until the other member of the Heroes got the hot tag and cleaned house, allowing the duo to hit a codebreaker into a scorpion death drop DDT for a close two count. A low blow by the Sons of America, followed by a double team death valley driver allowed the Sons of America to capture the victory.
Winners:- The Sons of America.

-Good debut showing for both tag teams. Constant action, good pacing and kept the crowd interested throughout.

Displaying DSC_0500.JPGTony Nese Nese vs. David Finlay Jr.:-  This opening contest without a doubt ended up as the best pure wrestling match on the show. Finlay Jr worked on Nese’s legs for the early part of the match using an Indian Death Lock but Nese countered into a Half Crab. Finlay Jr tries fighting back but Nese hits a devastating STO takedown for a two count. Once Finaly Jr came to, he took it to Nese with forearm shots, stiff European Uppercuts but Nese wouldn’t stay down. Nese took Finaly Jr out of his groove with a litany of arm drags and a devastating splash. Nese continues his domination until Finlay Jr hits a clothesline, turning Nese inside out. Finaly Jr tries to make Nese submit with a Vulcan Nerve Hold but Nese fights him off. The move of the match comes courtesy of Nese who hits a double springboard moonsault from the outside of the ring for a close two count. The match is all Nese until Finaly Jr locks in a Boston Crab but Nese counters and hits a double underhook sitdown move on Finlay Jr for the win.
Winner:- Tony Nese

- Very strong opening match for the main show. Finlay Jr was making his Northeast debut and had a great showing. His in-ring style and moveset was really similar to Bob Backlund.

Rex Lawless vs Cyrus :- Lawless used his brute strength to overpower Cyrus through the entire match. It wasn’t until Cyrus partner from The End provided the distraction and allowed Cyrus to take advantage and lock in a tight sleeper hold on Lawless. Lawless regains control and once again overpowers Cyrus with a big boot, clothesline and a fallaway slam. The finish comes when Lawless is getting ready to put away Cyrus but another distraction allows Cyrus to hit his finisher for the win.
Winner:- Cyrus

The Juicy Product, JT Dunn and David Starr are out and trash talk the audience, locker room and Joel Maximo, calling him a fatass. The Juicy Product is tired of facing tag teams they’re clearly better than and are issuing an open challenge tonight. 

The F.B.I, Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke are out to answer the challenge.

Juicy Product vs. F.B.I.:-  Little Guido and Dunn begin the match with a lot of straight wrestling and Guido is on fire as he earns himself a “You Still Got” chant. Dunn takes control with front face slam on Guido and tag in his partner, David Starr. It doesn’t take long for Guido to apply a cross armbreaker on Starr as Guido uses a bit of comedy and slaps Starr’s stomach to get him away from the ropes. Guido tags in Mamaluke who stole the show. Mamaluke hits every move in his arsenal and then gets the crowd involved. First, he hits Starr with 12 elbows to the back of the head as the crowd rejoiced. Then, he hits 16 more elbows to the back of his head. Mamaluke continues his acrobatic offense until Juicy Product begin using frequent tags and double team moves to keep the F.B.I. off balance. Another comedic bit comes when Starr hits Mamaluke with his pelvic region and follows it up with a devastating clothesline. It’s not until Guido gets back in the match and hits Dunn with several kicks and his Sicilian Slice move that the F.B.I are back in control. However, Dunn takes out Guido with a dive to the outside and Mamaluke, the legal man hits a tilt a whirl DDT for a close two count. Dunn provides a distraction and the Juicy Product pick up the win with an elbow to the head of Mamaluke.
Winners:- The Juicy Product

Benny Martinez w/Manny vs. Magma vs. “Flawless” Blake Morris:- FSW Primiero Title  

The vacant Primiero title is on the line and Martinez and Magma double team the Flawless and Large Blake Morris.  But it was not long until Morris used his sheer size to overpower the other two competitors. A slew of superkicks are exchanged between Martinez and Magma as Morris is laid out on the outside. A great moment is when Magma attempted a sunset flip but Morris held on then german suplexed Martinez and himself ended up in a pin by Magma but kicked out. Magma then sprays red mist into Martinez face and gets tombstoned by Morris for a two count. Martinez brother attempted to get involved and Morris pulled him into the ring for a tombstoned but Magma rolled up Morris for the victory.
Winner and NEW Primiero Champion:- Magma 

Womens Match:- Kimber Lee vs. La Rosa Negra vs Sammy Pickles vs Sumie Sakai 
 A great womens match between these four fantastic ladies. Everybody got an opportunity to showcase their talents, but Kimber Lee continued to show why she might be head and shoulders above the rest. An insane spot came when Lee hit a german suplex to Sakai off the second rope and she flipped over in mid-air, a nasty fall as the crowd gasped. Lee won the match with a piledriver.
Winner:- Kimber Lee

Mike Verna vs. Ian Aldwin:- Number 1 Contenders Match for FSW World Championship

Displaying DSC_0027.JPGAldwin took it to Verna early on but Verna tried to end it early, hitting a Sky High for a close two after Verna got busted open. A huge calamity breaks out as Kris Rex and Joel Maximo enter the fray as Rex hits a big 360 off the top rope, taking out everybody. Aldwin throws Verna outside and asks the crowd if they want Verna and proceeds to chuck him into the first row. A fan tosses Verna a beer and he takes a sip and spits it in Aldiwn’s face. Back in the ring, Aldwin continues to stiffle Verna until Verna turns the tables and hits a moonsault off the top rope. From there on, it ended up very back and forth and Aldwin continued hitting stiff shots but Verna did his best to retaliate. Verna is able to hit a second Sky High but this time, follows it up with a crossface but Aldiwn makes it to the ropes. After Verna eats a belly-to-belly, he locks in his patented cloverleaf and Aldwin gets out, but knockng out the referee in the process. Aldiwn gets a chair but Verna’s manager grabs the chair fro Aldwin before he can use it. In a shock to crowd, Stackpole turned on Verna with a chairshot to Verna’s back and head and Aldwin hits a sit-down spinebuster for the win.
Winner an NEW Number 1 Contender:- Ian Aldwin

- Great match with a plethora of different elements to it. The shocking ending really stunned the crowd as nobody saw Stackpole turning on Verna.

4 Team TLC Tag Team Title Match:- The Opposition (Jason Nevins and Whiplash), Omega Black (Greg Jones and Malice Oceans), Da House Of Payne (Nick Payne and Hakim Ali), and Certified Sexy (Geno and Nutrious X) 

To describe this match move for move would not be humanly possible. But, to describe this match as an absolute melee, a human car wreck with enough casualties to make this match the equivalent of a human demolition derby. Wrestlers flying off of ladders, going through tables, chairshots to the head and a rowdy crowd that appreciated everybody’s sacrifice of their bodies. The Opposition ended up being the last teams standing as Jason Nevis grabbed the titles above the ring for the victory.
Winners and NEW FSW Tag Team Champions:- The Opposition (Jason Nevins and Whiplash)

Santa Claus made his way into the arena with a sack filled with gifts to the FSW faithful. But one man had an issue as Da House of Payne’s Big Daddy Dre came out to the ring and said that there is nothing to be happy about as his boys just lost. And, he wants a match with Santa Claus right now. Dre attempted to get some early offense but Santa battled back with some right hands and  Dusty Rhodes like elbows. Santa finally undressed to reveal that he is actually Colt Cabana.

Colt Cabana vs. Big Daddy Dre:- A relatively short match as “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana controlled most of the match with Dre getting a little bit of offense in. Cabana ends up getting the win with an splash from the second rope.
Winner:- Colt Cabana

Pretty ironic that Colt Cabana is Jewish but he’s dressing up as Santa Claus. The crowd didn’t seem to be that into Cabana as looks thinner and grew some facial hair. He did not stay for the whole show as he snuck out during the main event. 

Displaying DSC_0211.JPGJoe Ettell (c)vs. Talon- Last Man Standing Match:- FSW World Heavyweight Championship
Displaying DSC_0218.JPGWith the amazing entertainment and great matches that preceeded them, the champion Joe Ettell and Talon held the unenvious task of trying to follow it. But, with the “Indestructible” Joe Ettell’s ability to take more punishment than anybody can dish out and Talon’s ability to be hated, the match had all the elements for success. The early goings of the match was just both men trying to get an upperhand on the other. Talon tried many times to get the win by getting Ettell down and instructing the referee to count. But, the Indestructible one could not be held down for long. Without a doubt, the most violent, gruesome and chilling moment came when Ettell set up two steel chairs and a pane of glass on top. Ettell was intending to do some damage to Talon until The End distracted Ettell and Talon hit a spinebuster on Ettell through the glass. The impact could be felt through the entire venue as Ettell, slow to his feet got up and showed his back, bloodied and cut up. Ettell would not give up, insisting that Talon bring it and Ettell through his sick mind and tougher body prevailed after a barbed wire bat and his pure heart helped keep Talon down for a count of 10.
Winner:- Joe Ettell

Overall, this show ended up being perhaps the most memorable show of the year for FSW. All of the wrestler’s did everything in their body, mind and spirit to entertain the packed Ludus Wrestling School. Whether it was pure wrestling or absolute mayhem, all the guys and gals of FSW left it all in the ring, setting the expectations going in 2015 even higher.

A huge congratulations to everybody involved. 

***Photo Credits to Sulaiman Larokko 

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.