Legends of Wrestling at Citi Field: 6/7/15

Credit: Sulaiman Larokko
For the first time in Citi Field history, the home of the New York Mets hosted its first professional wrestling show. While several up and coming wrestlers put on their best efforts, a litany of wrestling legends greeted fans and made memories in the twilight years of their career. Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Goldberg and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan were just a few names that made appearances prior to entering the squared circle.

The Mark Out was on hand for its first credentialed opportunity at a major event and we have several interviews and stories coming in the next few days from this star-studded event. But for now, lets take a look at the results for the main card portion of the show.

Mr. T.A and Bam Shaw w/ John Cena Sr. vs. Flex Armstrong and Andrew Anderson w/ Greg "the Hammer" Valentine:  The crowd is still filing in as the first match on the main card begins. With John Cena Sr. at ringside, a few "Let's Go Cena! Cena Sucks!" chants break out. Slow paced match as commentator Matt Striker emphasizes Flex Armstrong's physique. Armstrong and Andrew Anderson pick up the victory after Cena Sr. tries getting involved but Greg Valentine yanks him off he apron, allowing Armstrong and Anderson to pick up the win,

Winners: Flex Armstrong and Andrew Anderson

After the match, Valentine shakes off some rust and drops an elbow and applies a figure four leg lock.

Brian Myers w/ Mrs. Met vs. Tyrus: Myers came through the audience decked out in complete New York Mets gear. The Bayside, Queens native is a huge Mets fan and a multiple time guest of the Mark Out. Tyrus came out as the crowd is still not too loud. The crowd chants "Funkasaurus" at Tyrus, referencing his time in WWE as Brodus Clay. Tyrus got a microphone and told the fans to "Go Funk Themselves." As for the match, it was relatively short with the hometown boy Myers picking up the victory.

Winner: Brian Myers

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Robbie E: A decent match between the seasoned veteran Duggan and the current TNA superstar Robbie E. Duggan picked up the win in another short match but it was well received by the audience.

Winner: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Tommy Dreamer vs. Wes Brisco: Coming out to one of the bigger reactions up to that point, Dreamer walked to the Big Time Wrestling ring in a New York Mets jersey. Dreamer continued the theme on the night as the babyfaces went over in all the matches, defeating Briscoe.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Ric Flair comes out to a nice reception to cut a promo. However, he is interrupted by Mr. Anderson and Doc Gallows, who say that they're sick of the legends. This results in the Nasty Boys making their way to the ring with weapons in hand. The rest of the Aces & Eights come out and then Demolition follow suit, an all out brawl. This set up the next match.

Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson and Knux) w/ Doc Gallows and Wes Briscoe vs. The Nasty Boys w/Demolition: One of the first matches of the evening to get some decent time. All things considered, this match was entertaining and kept the interest of the fans throughout. Interesting to see the Aces & Eights back together considering the group disbanded a year ago and three of the members are no longer with TNA. The Nasty Boys picked up the victory.

Winners: The Nasty Boys

A lengthy break took place before the next match.

Doc Gallows vs. Matt Sydal: An entertaining match between two men that are considered by many as two of WWE's recently misused talent. However, the match didn't receive nearly the time it should have as the show was running late. Sydal picks up the win but this is not the last time we would see Gallows.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Scott Steiner is out for his match against a mystery opponent. He runs down the man he challenged to fight tonight, Hulk Hogan, calling him a "little b**tch" among other things. Steiner was accompanied by Gallows who made three appearances on the night. Steiner's opponent turned out to be Rob Van Dam, who was accompanied by Bret Hart.

Scott Steiner w/Doc Gallows vs. RVD w/Bret Hart: Van Dam picked up the victory over Steiner after kicking a chair into Steiner's face. But RVD was jumped by Steiner and Gallows after the match. Goldberg makes his way out to arguably the largest ovation of the night. Goldberg spears Steiner and added a Jackhammer to Gallows. Goldberg tells Steiner that he will wrestle him.

Winner: RVD

Overall, if you went to this show to be entertained by amazing in-ring wrestling, you were likely disappointed. None of the matches were technical masterpieces and often felt rushed or not given enough time. However, the show did provide a great experience to fans who wanted to meet their favorite legends and some current wrestling stars.


- The first match in the history of Citi Field saw Jack Gallows vs. The Grim Reefer.

- Matt Striker and Ashley Massaro did the commentary for most of the main show.

- The Nasty Boys, Greg Valentine, Lita and Brian Myers took part in the first Q&A.

- Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Sydal and Tyrus took part in the second Q&A.

- The pre-show crow was scarce but one the main show began, the vast majority of ringside and field level was full.

- There are rumblings of making a wrestling event at Citi Field an annual occurrence.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.