Exclusive: Mega Muscle Discuss Their Individual, Mutual Growth [Part 2]

"Two monsters are stronger than one."- The Big O

Having discussed their unlikely partnership, the Five Borough Wrestling champions have had an interesting route to their current position. Mike Verna mentioned in our first interview that his journey in the past year shaped him in ways he couldn't imagine. Hard work and dedication guided Verna to where he is now. But for the Big O, it was a more unique way of establishing a reputation inside of the business.

It all started on WWE superstar Zack Ryder's web series, Z True Long Island Story. It was not the place for Big O to show off wrestling skills, but it was a great place for him to show off some personality.

"I've definitely evolved ten fold since Zack Ryder's web show kinda ended," said Big O.

It was a unique opportunity for Big O and in this exclusive part two, Big O discusses being on the web series and how he's matured and grown since its conclusion.

Also, both competitors give their take on the team's future and how Mega Muscle channels a plethora of tag teams from wrestling's past.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.