Exclusive: Joel Maximo Talks Ludus Wrestling School, Being a Trainer [Part 1]

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give however, makes a life."- Arthur Ashe

The great Arthur Ashe, one of the top tennis players of his time gave that quote, saying basically that we can survive on our actions for ourselves, but we can make lives around us that much better by giving them our time.

For 35-year old Joel Maximo, giving back to the profession and industry that has been so kind to him is top priority. Being given a great opportunity by his trainers and getting chances he only dreamed of during his early days, instilled the notion that training the superstars of tomorrow is greatest thing that he can contribute to wrestling.

"Mikey Whipwreck, my trainer, he taught me how to always have it in my mind to give back," said Maximo. "So when I found myself getting old enough but still young, I had the idea of opening a school and giving back by teaching the art of professional wrestling."

 The Ludus Wrestling school, located at 133 29th Street in Brooklyn, NY gradually grew from a mere idea to perhaps the most attractive professional wrestling school in the borough of Brooklyn. Many wrestlers come, many wrestlers go, but Maximo definitely see's a lot of potential in the current crop of wrestlers. "Joe Etell, Mike Verna, Talon, The Opposition, Omega Black, a lot of these guys are up and coming and are showing a lot," said Maximo.

In Part 1 of this exclusive interview, Maximo also discusses the type of struggle and reward that comes with being a trainer, watching the wrestlers he trains gradually improve and his relationship and partnerships with his brothers.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.