IMPACT Wrestling Review:- 11/12/14

Bobby Lashley is no longer the TNA World Heavyweight champion. That means nothing but outright havoc for the rest of the roster. Whether it be Eric Young or Austin Aries, Lashley will show no remorse to anybody. So on the November 12th edition of IMPACT Wrestling, a lot of combustible elements in play, nobody on the roster is safe. The Wolves went from being the hunters, to being the hunted, while the greatest man that ever lived received the greatest beating that we've ever seen.

James Storm/Sanada/Manik/Abyss/Wolves Opening Segment:- Storm makes his way to the ring with Sanada and Panik in tow. He calls out The American Wolves, but they end up declining to join his revolution. Storm and company end up assaulting the Wolves, including working over the leg of Davey Richards. Storm proceeds to bring out the briefcase he won in December for a tag title match and invokes his clause. After Richards kicks out, Abyss makes his way to the ring, and Storm reveals he is Storm's partner. Abyss hits a chokeslam and a spinning sideslam for the victory.

Winners and NEW tag team champion:- James Storm and Abyss

Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell:- In the early going, Rayne dominated the entire match. Clotheslines, takedowns and assaulting Terrell on the outside. Back in the ring, Rayne hits Terrell with a head scissors into slamming Terrell's head into the mat repeatedly. Terrell counters Rayne Check into a variation of a cutter and wins the match.

Winner:- Taryn Terrell

Lashley asks Angle for a rematch against Roode, but Kurt says Roode is out doing promotional work. Lashley tries intimidating angle before walking off.

Manik tries to recruit the Indian wrestler to Storm's Revolution

Kenny King/ Mr. Anderson/ Chris Melendez Promo- Kenny King comes out and notifies the audience that MVP is out doing a photo shoot for a magazine. He also says that Lashley is pissed but not at him but all the stupid people. He proceeds to call out Chris Melendez, who obliges and makes his way down to the ring alongside Mr. Anderson. A huge USA chant breaks out. King calls Melendez a fraud and that people calling him unpatriotic are wrong, he loves the country, but not Melendez. Anderson grabs the microphone and puts Melendez over to the audience, but King intervenes and tells Anderson and god gave man one hole beneath their mouth and one a**hole, but he's not sure which one he's using. King proceeds to challenge Melendez, which he accepts. King then hits Anderson with a cheap shot and runs away.

The Menagerie vs. Jessie Godderz/Zema Ion/Beautiful People- Mixed Tag Elimination Match:-
Angelina Love is eliminated first by Rebel
Velvel Sky eliminates Rebel
Zema Ion eliminates Knux
Crazzy Steve eliminates Zema Ion
Crazzy Steve eliminates Velvet Sky
Crazzy Steve eliminates Jessie Godderz
Winners:- The Menagerie

Eric Young is backstage with Rockstar Spud, who asks to be in Young's corner and he says yes.

Panik introduces the Indian wrestler to Storm, who spits in his hand and tells him to get lost. Storm gives Panik a pep talk.

Eric Young w/Rockstar Spud vs. Tyrus w/Ethan Carter III:- This match is all Tyrus from the beginning, as he tosses around Young like a rag doll. Young tries to hit a move off the top rope, but Tyrus just pushes him away in mid-air. Tyrus hits his famous t-bone suplex on Young. Young begins to bring the fight to Tyrus as he fights him off, A clothesline and a flying forearm takes Tyrus off his feet. Young hits a huge bodyslam on Tyrus. Ethan Carter provides a distraction, but Rockstar takes him out. Tyrus climbs to the tope rope to get Young but Young fights him off. Young hits the elbow off the top rope for the win.
Winner:- Eric Young

Lashley comes out after the match. He spears Young and slams Rockstar Spud before exiting the ring to get a steel chair. He returns to the ring, traps Youngs arm between the chair and stomps down. Lashley keeps Young's arms wedged in the chair and locks in a crossface. Austin Aries music hits and runs the down to the ring with a chair, fending off Lashley.

Aries gets a microphone and challenges Lashley to a match, tonight.

Samoa Joe Promo:- Joe ends up vacating the X-Division championship because he is not medically cleared to compete. He references wanting to reinvigorate the greatest division in professional wrestling by being X-Division champion but he needs to do the right thing. Joe concludes by saying whoever the new champion is won't be champion for long.

Samuel Shaw w/Brittany vs. Gunner- No DQ:- Shaw jumps Gunner from behind, but Gunner takes over. He slams Shaw head first on the ring apron. Brittany provides a distraction as Shaw takes control again. Gunner ducks a chairshot from Shaw and regains control, and hits a fallaway slam on Shaw. Both men continue brawling with a lot of steel chirs, which come into play when Gunner has Shaw in position for some damage. Gunner hits a superplex onto pile of steel chairs, but Shaw kicks at 2. Shaw is out of it and Gunner taunts Brittany before powerbombing Shaw onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Gunner taunts Brittany who kicks Gunner in the groin. The distraction gives Shaw time to recooperate as he hits Gunner with a chair. As Shaw is closing in for the win, Gunner counters and hits an F-5 style move, for the victory.
Winner:- Gunner

Austin Aries vs. Lashley:- An absolutely fantastic match between two of TNA's very best. Aries gets off to the quick start by dropkicking Lashley and going for a brainbuster. After outsmarting Lashley, Aries applies his Last Chancery submission, but Lashley muscles out and throws Aries outside. That didn't stop Arie's initial onslaught as he kicked Lashley in the face. Lashley attempts to run Aries into the ringpost but Aries counters and throws Lashley into the post instead. After dropkicking Lashley into the barricade, Aries misses a missile dropkick and eats a Lashley elbow.
    Lashley goes to work now as he clothelines Aries into next week. Lashley hits Aries with a plethora of suplexes, until Aries blocks a superplex by biting Lashley. Aries finally connects with his missile dropkick and his signature discus forearm. Another failed brainbuster attempt by Aries results in Lashley throwing Aries on the apron, where Aries connects with some forearm shots. A second discus forearm and a neckbreaker later, Aries hits a suicide dive to the outside. After throwing Lashley back in the ring and ascending to the top rope, Lashley throws Aries off. Aries lands on the steel steps. Lashley press slams Aries on the ramp as the referee calls for the bell.
Winner by DQ:- Austin Aries

Lashley assaults Aries after the match, locking him in a crossface as security and referees had to restrain him.

          This edition of IMPACT did a great job building up Lashley as a monster. Having lost his championship to Bobby Roode, he has set his targets of anybody he chooses, the way it should be. Lashley is a flat out monster and should be acting like one. The Wolves losing the tag team titles was a good segment, although Abyss seemed like a bit of a random addition to both the segment and storyline. Samoa Joe choosing to vacate the X-Division championship seemed a bit strange as his injury was never identified. Hopefully it is all explained next week or in the weeks to come. Finally, the match between Gunner and Sam Shaw was brutal and violent and awesome. Shaw is one of TNA's best up and comers at the moment

Rating:- 7/10

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.