Exclusive: The Young Bucks Talk Future, Booker T Controversy and Independent Wrestling [Part 2]

In a cutthroat industry where even your closest friends are the ones you need to beware of, it is never a safe bet to rely on anybodies kindness. But for one pair of brothers, it is about standing the test of time as a tag team and not the uncertainty of single competition

The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson have been a tag team since the beginning, when they made their professional wrestling debut nearly a decade ago. With their plethora of accomplishments as team, the brothers do not ever see themselves breaking off their partnership in lieu of personal success.

The lifestyle the The Young Bucks currently enjoy is just too fun for them to ever consider being alone. Traveling together, freedom and just have a good time are all factors to consider before making such a monumental decision.

In this exclusive part two, The Young Bucks also discuss the controversy surrounding their alleged disrespect to Booker T, their thoughts on the entire ordeal and comparing the life of an independent wrestler to being on television.

Listen to part two here:-

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.