Exclusive: Joel Maximo Talks Eddie Guerrero, and his Legacy [Part 2]

"Religion should be about your relationship with God, not what the church says you can and can't do."- Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero, one of the most talented, respected and troubled wrestlers of all-time influenced many things during his 38 year life. From the moves he performed almost effortlessly in the ring, to the people he effortlessly found time for outside of it, Guerrero had a unique bond with the life he had around him. Joel Maximo was one of the lucky ones, as he was a part of that life.

Growing up a fan of Guerrero and everything he stood for and represented ended up motivating Maximo and his brothers to be not only the best wrestlers, but human beings they could possibly be.

"I started watching Eddie at a very young age, I became a fan instantly," said Maximo. "His image was everything me and my brother wanted to be. He was short, he was a Latino and he was doing things that were unbelievable during his time."

Getting the chance to train and subsequently wrestle with Guerrero proved to be invaluable experience for Maximo and his brother. It ended up as a brotherhood that brought great stories ranging from the smashes and crashes in the ring to the spiritual man that came out the other side.

Guerrero's demons were such a problem, it led him to gods front porch, something he shared with those close to him. Maximo was no exception.

"He was always going through a lot of stress battling through his own life, he was more of a guru to me than anything else," said Maximo.

In this exclusive Part  2, Maximo discusses what Eddie Guerrero meant to him, finding out his close friend had passed and how he wants to be remembered.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.