Five Borough Wrestling: DESTINY Tag Team Tournament Recap

Five Borough Wrestling:- Destiny Tag Team Tournament
        Five Borough Wrestling found its way to the Borough of Brooklyn, to host one of the biggest independent events of the year. A slew of the worlds greatest tag teams were under one roof to decide who would be next in line to face Mega Muscle for the FBW tag team championships. In addition to tag teams wrestling, Anthony Nese faced his toughest challenge yet, defending the FBW World Championship against Talon. Also, Chris Hero made his FBW debut, going up against the talented Drew Gulak from CZW.

Pre-Show Match:- Nutrious X vs Casanova Valentine:- A good way to start the show. X used a lot of high flying moves to keep Valentine off balance. Valentine used some hard hitting shots to keep X out of the air as much as possible but X's quickness proved to be too much, and Valentine lost.
Winner:- Nutrious X

Mega Muscle w/ PJ Stackpole Opening Promo:- The FBW Tag Team Champions are here with their manager, who announces a tag team tournament to determine the new number one contender, right here tonight! Mega Muscle mentions the fact that every tag team is booked tonight, so there is nobody for them to face. They decide to take the night off.
This brings out one half of The American Wolves, Eddie Edwards. Edwards says that champions don't take night's off. So, if Edwards can find a tag team partner, the Mega Muscle decide they will wrestle, tonight. Davey Richards could not make it to the show.
Joe Etell is out next, taunting the former FSW world champion, Mike Verna. With Richards not there, PJ Stackpole announces Mega Muscle vs. Joe Etell and Eddie Edwards.

Fatal Fourway Tag Team Match:- The Young Bucks vs. Milk Chocolate vs. The Juicy Product vs. Amazing Red/BXL
Incredible high flying action to begin the match as all the teams take each other out. Amazing Red and BXL steal the show early on, performing incredible maneuvers on every tag team. It culminates with Amazing Red with a shooting star press type leap from the top rope to the outside, taking out all the other competitors.
The match is finally underway, Amazing Red and BXL continue to dominate, using a litany of high flying moves to sustain their assault. The Juicy product finally took control of the match and ended up eliminating Amazing Red and BXL for our first elimination.
Amazing Red/ BXL are eliminated
Milk Chocolate are now in control, brawling with the Juicy Product. The action is fierce and hard hitting. However, Juicy Product makes a critical mistake, costing them the match. Milk Chocolate hit their signature powerbomb into a backcracker combination for the victory.
The Juicy Product eliminated
The Young Bucks and Milk Chocolate are all that remain now. Milk Chocolate is visibly physically taxed from the grueling action of the match. The Young Bucks are all over Milk Chocolate and end up winning the match, advancing to the finals of the tag team tournament.
Winners:- The Young Bucks 

Papadon vs. Pepper Parks:- Papadon, in his usual cocky fashion is in control from the onset of the match. He makes a mistake however, allowing Parks to arm drag and slam Papadon. Papadon stops Parks and offers him a handshake, but ends up spitting in his face. Parks is infuriated by Papadon's actions and takes it to him. Papadon regains control after a dropkick from the second rope. Papadon had Parks neutralized from that point on, until Parks blocked several suplex attempts, hitting one of his own. Papdon regained control and had Parks in a sleeper hold, but Parks is back in the drivers seat after Papadon missed a splash off the second rope. After exchanging a few blows, Parks hits a swinging neckbreaker, for a close two count. Papadon hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Papadon tries to put Parks away with a second rope clothesline but Parks counters into a backcracker, for a very close two count.
The end of the match sees the referee taken out momentarily, allowing Papdon hit Parks in the groin area and hit a shining wizard for the victory.
Winner:- Papadon

Spirit Squad(Kenny/Mikey) vs Flawless and Lawless s vs The Beaver Boys vs Team Tremendous
Kenny and a member from Team Tremendous begin. A lot of stalling to start as Kenny and Mondo used their Spirit Squad moves to get the crowd going. Kenny was dominating the match from the beginning, but Flawless & Lawless were the first team to strike a blow, eliminating The Spirit Squad rather quickly.

Spirit Squad eliminated
Flawless and Lawless continued their domination, eliminating Team Tremendous.

Team Tremendous eliminated

With two teams already eliminated, it was down to The Beaver Boys and Flawless&Lawless. A great back and forth finish to the match as The Beaver Boys prevailed and moved onto the finals of the tournament. The Young Bucks awaited them next.

Winners:- The Beaver Boys

Chris Hero vs Drew Gulak:- Without a doubt, this was the best pure wrestling match of the night. Both men showed each other respect, shaking hands before the match begins. A lot of pure chain wrestling to start the match. Elbows, headlock takeovers and counters from both men garnered a positive reaction to the crowd. Hero appeared to suffer an injury to his leg/foot, and the referee stepped in to check him. Hero removed his boot so the referee could check him. As it turns out, Hero was faking the injury and he takes his boot and assaults Gulak. Gulak wasn't the same after the assault and Hero was in cruise control. Towards the end of the match, Gulak regained his composure and took it to Hero, eventually countering and hitting Hero with a huge german suplex. Hero doesn't stay down and Gulak continues the onslaught, having Hero on the ropes.
The end comes when Hero ferociously slaps Gulak in the face. Gulak whips Hero into the ropes and Hero leaps over Gulak, who catches Hero out of midair into a roll-up for the victory.
Winner:- Drew Gulak

Joe Etell/ Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Verna/ Big O:- Big O and Edwards begin the match, exchanging some offense. Big O tries using his sheer size and power to hold Edwards down, but the American Wolf is too quick and skilled to be held back for too long. Mike Verna gets the hot tag and cleans house, taking out Edwards and Etell piece by piece. Etell uses his rabid mentality and skill to keep down Verna for some time as well. Clearly, there is still some bad blood between these two. Edwards and Verna are fighting but Edwards gains control using knife edged chops. Mike Verna's chest is beat red, but he's able to hang in long enough to get the hot tag to Big O. Upon entering, Big O takes control, clotheslining anyone and everyone that moves. Edwards got back into the match, hitting a big enziguri to get back in control. However, Mega Muscle proved to be too much as they got the better of Etell and Edwards on this night.
Winners:- Mega Muscle
After the match, Mega Muscle invite Edwards back into the ring, with Verna saying, "There would be no America without The American Wolves,"

Kimber Lee vs Annie Social:- First match back from intermission, was the special attraction ladies match. Two of the finest ladies around, Kimber Lee and Annie Social squared off. Two very ontrasting styles, as Lee was using a lot of high flying and quick strikes, opposed to Social, who was more methodicial and physical with her approach. The best moment from the match was when both women ended up on the canvas, doing a split. They exchanged punches to see who would be the first to fall. Very creative. 
Lee caught Social with a roll through, trapping Social's legs and getting the pinfall victory.
Winner:- Kimber Lee 

Talon vs Anthony Nese-FBW World Championship :- Before Nese could even get into the ring, Papadon jumps Nese before the match.
The match was all talon to start, which got Talon support from the crowd. Inside the ring, outside the ring, this match seemed destined to be a formality. The pre-match assault really messed up Nese, but eventually, a dropkick from the top rope got Nese back in control. Talon took control briefly, but thanks to elbows and clotheslines, Nese still kept Talon at bay. But one missed moonsault attempt later, Talon hits Nese with a backbreaker for a long two count. Funny moment came when Talon attempted  leg drop from the top rope, but not only did he miss, he hit his head on the light above the ring.
Nese took control after Talons mistake with clotheslines and a big spin kick, but T alon drops Nese on his head to take control. Nese shook off the cobwebs but accidentally knocked the referee out. This led to Papadon once again showing his face, interfering in the match. Papadon took it to Nese, but Nese fought him off. Talon tried hitting Nese with the championship belt once again, but missed. Nese ends up hitting the 450 splash for the victory.
Winner:- Anthony Nese
After the match, Nese accepts Papadon's challenge for a title shot, sometime next month.

Main Event:- The Beaver Boys vs. The Young Bucks:- Number 1 Contenders Match:-  Having decided the finalists for this match earlier in the night, these two elite tag teams were now entrenched in a contest to determine the number one contender. There is not much that can be said, both teams put on an amazing match. Combining their athletic prowess and effective tag team work. Neither team showed any ill effects of having wrestled earlier in the night. The Beaver Boys ended up picking up the victory, earning the right to face Mega Muscle for the FBW Tag Team Championships.
Winners:- The Beaver Boys

The Young Bucks and Beaver Boys congratulated each other on the great match, all the while taking out PJ Stackpole, hoisting the trophy in the air.

Side Notes

- The venue wasn't packed, but did draw over 200 people.
- The low ceiling did not come into play much, except on Talon's legdrop attempt
- The crowd was lively all night

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.