IMPACT Wrestling Recap:- 11/19/14

 In what will now officially be known as the last episode of IMPACT Wrestling to ever air on SPIKE TV, the company certainly went out with a new direction and a bang. Two new champions were crowned in amazing multi-people matches. Also, with the company beginning a new chapter on a new network starting in January, the last image we saw set up for an interesting commencement upon the the show resuming.

Bobby Roode/Bobby Lashley Opening Segment:- Roode opens the show and talks about Lashley's heinous actions from the week before. He promises Lashley a world title match, but tonight, he wants to fight. This brings out Lashley and both men fight around the arena.

Their brawl is interrupted by EC3 and Tyrus. EC3 issues a challenge to Rockstar Spud for tonight.

We'll see TNA Impact in two weeks on Spike, reviewing the top moments of 2014

Havok, Gail Kim, Tarryn Terrell promo airs, hyping their triple threat match.

Tarryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim vs. Havok- TNA Knockouts Championship:- Kim and Terrell both try taking it to Havok to start the match, but Havok proves to be too strong. She quickly takes control and has both women reeling. Havok throws both women into the corner and hits a splash, taking both women out of their game. Terrell is able to mount some offense but Havok fights her off regardless. The match is taken to the outside. Kim hits a suicide dive through the second rope, taking out both ladies, but Havok took the brunt of it.
Back from commericial, Havok is still incapacitated on the outside and both Kim and Terrell are wrestling a great back and forth match. Havok regains her composure and yanks Terrell out of the ring and slams her on the barricade and then hits Kim with a spinebuster on the floor. A great spot comes when Havok puts both Kim and Terrell next to each other and hits a splash on both, only getting a 2 count. Kim and Terrell double team Havok once again. Terrell holds Havok on the top rope while Kim hits a legdrop off the top rope, taking out Havok. Once again, it's just Kim and Terrell who both take it to each other. Kim and Terrell exchange shots with Kim on the top rope, but Havok comes back in and hits Terrell with a powerbomb while Terrell simultaneously hit Kim with a superplex. Both Kim and Terrell begin flying around the ring, trying to take out Havok but can't put her away. Kim hits Kim with an arm pull facebuster and Terrell follows up with a cutter. Kim tries rolling up Terrell but Terrell counters into her own roll-up, winning the match,
Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion:- Tarryn Terrell

Kenny King backstage with MVP. MVP says he is sick and tired of everyone talking bad about him and that it ends tonight.

Bobby Roode issues the challenge to fight Lashley again, tonight

Kenny King vs. Chris Melendez:- Kenny King has the upperhand in the early going, taking down Melendez and wrestling him down on the mat. King makes a mistake and Melendez hiptosses King a few times as King leaves the ring frustrated. King hits Melendez with a cheap shot and kicks him from the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, King goes to work on Melendez. He hangs Melendez up on the top rope whilst leaping to the outside. King attempts a springboard but Melendez picks up his prosthetic leg and catches King in the face. He follows up with a hiptoss neckbreaker. He gets a fisherman suplex, but only for a 2 count. MVP is out with a chair and assaults Melendez.
Winner by DQ:- Chris Melendez

MVP and King continue their assault on Melendez as Mr. Anderson is out to make the save.

Rockstar Spud addresses EC3's challenge and says he will get it.

Ethan Carter III/Tyrus/Rockstar Spud- Ethan Carter III talks trash about Rockstar Spud and even Jeremy Borash, saying he slapped Borash so hard, his family died. Rockstar Spud comes out. Carter tells Tyrus to leave the ring because this is personal and he does. Spud makes his way into the ring and Carter urges him to take the first shot. Spud says he won't hit him in the face, but will kick him in the balls and he does. After the groin kick, Spud assaults Carter but Carter takes him down and dominates him. After Carter finishes his onslaught, Tyrus takes out Spud himself.
Carter gets a microphone and says that he will continue to destroy Spud until he decides to end his career. He proceeds to cut off some of Spud's hair.

Kenny King is confronted by Kurt Angle, who is looking for MVP. MVP run in from behind and assaults Angle.

Bram vs. Tommy Dreamer:- Hardcore Match:- Both men begin the match on the outside as Dreamer takes it to Bram early. Dreamer hits Bram with a clothesline off the apron, with weaponry surrounding the ring. The first weapon introduced is a trash can, which Bram uses to hit Dreamer in the head and Dreamer is busted open. Bram continues the offense with right hands to Dreamers head until Dreamer shoves Bram into the ring post face first.
Back from commercial, Bram has Dreamer laid out on the steel steps and works on Dreamer's head. Back in the ring, Bram uses the trash can to Dreamer's head once again, only to get a two count. Dreamer regains control with the use of his trusty Kendo stick, hitting Bram in the gut and using the stick to hit a Russian leg sweep. Only two count though as Dreamer continues his onslaught, hanging Bram groin first on a steel chair and then hitting a clothesline from the second rope. Dreamer hangs up Bram in a tree of woe and uses a trash can to wear out Bram and puts the can in front of Bram's face, hitting a baseball slide also. Bram counters Dreamer with a reverse leg sweep on a chair for a two count. Bram continues the assault until Dreamer gains control once again. Magnus intereferes and takes out Dreamer, Both Magnus and Bram assault Dreamer until AL SNOW makes the save, chasing off Magnus. Dreamer uses a cheese grater to Bram's head. Dreamer lodges a barbwire steel chair in betwee the ropes and attempts to throw Bram into it. Bram stops midway and Dreamer attempts a death valley driver. Bram ends up throwing Dreamer into the the chair and hits an impaler DDT for the victory.
Winner:- Bram

Kurt Angle is backstage and says anybody who laid their hands on him will face consequences and tonight, MVP will find that out.

Manik is backstage talking to the Indian wrestler who questions James Storm. Panik says for him not to worry.

Low-Ki vs. DJZ vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno- X-Division Championship:- DJZ and Low-Ki begin in the ring with Low-Ki getting the early advantage. Low-Ki and Panik engage in an athletic exchange until  DJZ hits a missile  dropkick, knocking them both down. Manik locks DJZ in a surfboard but Low-Ki hits a double foot stomp from the top rope, onto DJZ. The actions continues back and forth, everybody flying around the ring. The finish comes when Low-Ki hits the Avalanche Ki-Krusher off the top rope on Tigre Uno, winning the X-Division championship.
Winner and NEW X-Division Championship:- Low-Ki

MVP is backstage with Kenny King, making an urgent call to Bobby Lashley

Kurt Angle/MVP/Kenny King/ Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode Segment :- Kurt Angle is in the ring, saying that real men fight their battles and calls out MVP. MVP says he is sick of this company, the board of directors and Kurt. Kurt brings up the new year being close and says hes going to start it off right and he attacks MVP. Kenny King makes the save as they double team Kurt Angle. Mr. Anderson makes the save now, fending off Kenny King. At this point, Lashley is out and hits a big spear on Anderson. Roode makes his way out now, taking out Kenny King before continuing his brawl with Lashley as IMPACT goes off the air.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.