Five Borough Wrestling's 'Die Trying': A Solid Pulse for a Solid Show

Five Borough Wrestling was back in Brooklyn and entered the American Legion on Avenue N for their fourth show of the year as New York Wrestling Connection presented Die Trying.

With a “Sleazy” Joey Ryan making his FBW debut, a large CZW representation present and the “Greek God” Papadon defending his title, all the elements for a classic show were in place.

And a classic show it was as every single match on the card delivered. Whether it be a spectacular wrestling patch, comedic antics, suspenseful drama or youthful exuberance, there was something unique about each match.

Let's take a look.


To kick things off, we had a special Create-A-Pro 5-on-5 contest between the best young wrestlers the school run by former WWE tag team champion Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers) and PWS superstar Pat Buck. The faces picked up the victory as the fans had fun chanting the names of the wrestlers who the Create-A-Pro resembled.

Main Show

TJ Marconi vs Smiley vs. DJ Hyde: The bit of Smiley's first mask being ripped off only to reveal a second one began the match. Throughout the first third of the match, Smiley is negated as the two big men in Hyde and Marconi battle to establish dominance. A strong showing at the last show by Smiley was upstaged by Smiley himself as his unique brand of offense kept both big guys guessing. One of the best spots of the match saw Smiley dive through the second rope, past a dangling Hyde and catch Marconi with a hurricanara. Hyde teased that he would use his signature lariat to pick up the win but Smiley caught him with a crucifix pin for the win.

Winner: Smiley

 After the match, Hyde is beside himself and is yelling at the referee. Marconi catches smiley with a chokeslam after both Hyde and the referee exit.

 Trevor Lee makes his entrance to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and the crowd is into it. But once he grabs a microphone, Lee proceeds to degrade the New York crowd. Lee says that people from North Carolina don't cheat and that New York sucks. JT Dunn's music hits and he comes out to a huge ovation.

Trevor Lee vs. JT Dunn: Without the use of a single weapon, this match was as hard hitting as any match in recent memory. Neither man was afraid to kick the other in the face or deliver an elbow to head. Lee's pre-match assault attempt was thwarted but Dunn didn't get any significant offense in until the second half of the match. A jumping cutter from Dunn almost put Lee away but the OMEGA associated Lee would not stay down. Same went for Dunn after Lee stomped Dunn's body into the ground from a standing position. Ultimately, Lee won the match with a vicious knee to the head for the victory.

Winner: Trevor Lee

Caleb Konley vs. Andrew Everett: Before the match, the referee was urged to frisk Everett's butt and obliged, only to receive a “You Sick F**k” chant directed at him. Everett's acrobatic offense got him in the lead early but a scary moment took him off his game. Konley caught Everett in a powerbomb position and powerbombed him into the corner, with Everett's head hitting the turnbuckle. It looked nasty and Konley took advantage. A beautiful sequence toward the end of the match made both men look good. Konley hit a combination of a gory bomb and turned it into a cloverleaf submission. Everett battled out and hit two hurricanarana's, spiking Konley's head into the mat both times and from two different angles for the win.

Winner: Andrew Everett

FBW Tag Team Championship: Flawless and Lawless w/PJ Stackpole vs. Mega Muscle (c): Flawless and Lawless attempted to jump Mega Muscle prior to the match but true to their powerful form, the Big O and Mike Verna avoided serious damage and looked strong from the start. Most of the match saw Verna isolated from his Adonis of a partner. A defensive Verna was still able to hold his own until Big O tagged in and tangled with Rex Lawless. Big O got the better of that exchange and it appeared that Mega Muscle would once again overcome the odds and retain their titles. However, a PJ Stackpole interference, partnered with baby powder thrown in Big O's eyes, causing him to inadvertently slam his partner allowed Flawless and Lawless to capture tag team gold.

Winners and NEW FBW Tag Team Champions: Flawless and Lawless

 After the match, Verna grabs a microphone and calls out Stackpole. He says that he is sick of this and wants to put an end to Stackpole. Therefore, at the one-year anniversary show next month, Verna and Stackpole will choose a team. If Verna's team wins, Stackpole will re-sign from his general manager duties. If Verna's team loses, Verna promises to quit FBW.

David Starr vs. Joey Ryan: Although this match wasn't a technical wrestling masterpiece, it turned out to be masterpiece in its own way. A lot of the match was based off comedy, featuring lollipops, pose downs and taunts. Ryan's sleazy ways enabled him to keep Starr off balance but Starr more than held his own. Several suplexes from both men had Ryan and Starr in mid-air throughout the night. Despite a lollipop being rubbed on chest and pubic hair shoved in Ryan's mouth, Starr thrusting his pelvic region with malice into Ryan's dazed head made for a highlight of the night. Starr picked up the victory with an arms-trapped suplex as “This Is Awesome” chants reigned down.

Winner: David Starr


Anthony Gangone vs. Rude Boy Riley: Common theme on this night was attempting to jump your adversary early, only to be stopped. This match saw a lot of back-and-forth action as Gangone and Riley followed up their encounter in a triple threat match last month to put forth a solid one-on-one fight. Riley's athleticism shined through in this one as he used everything from flying knees to pelee kicks. He picked up the victory with a knee to Gangone's face.

Winner: Rude Boy Riley

#1 Contenders Match for FBW World Championship: Talon vs. Brian Myers: In the early going, both men tried to one up each other through various forms of trickery. That trickery ranged from fist bumps and handshakes to kicks to the midsection. The match was shorter than expected but still a solid effort by both individuals. After failing to hit a spear on his first try, Myers nailed Talon with the move after recovering from a top rope legdrop from Talon.

Winner: Brian Myers

Casanova Valentine vs. Joe Ettell vs. Stockade: Stockade and his sheer size alone helped him thwart any serious offense from either Ettell or Valentine. The one time Stockade appeared to be in big trouble was when he received a powerbomb from Valentine while he suplexed Ettell in the same motion. In the end, Stockade could not be stopped as he put away Ettell with a vicious clothesline.

Winner: Stockade

 FBW World Championship: Amazing Red vs. Papadon (c): Prior to the match, the “Greek God” Papadon is not short on words for “CM Punk Kid” Mike McNicholas. As for the match, it was one of most thrilling main events you could ever imagine. Anything you could imagine in a near half hour title match, this match had it. Near falls, a flurry of finishers, high flying, interference, weapons and more. Ultimately, the interference is what led to the Amazing Red suffering the loss. Moments after the referee was incapacitated for the first time, Talon ran down and assaulted Red, hitting his finisher in the process. Although it didn't end the match right away, the referee being nearly taken out for a second time, partnered with a low blow and a shining wizard from Papadon, the “Greek God” retained his championship.

Winner: Papadon

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.