Breaking News: Mexican Wrestling Legend Perro Aguayo Jr Passes Away After Taking '619' From Rey Misterio [Video]

Mandatory Credit: El-Mexicano

Lucha Libre legend Perro Aguayo Jr, also known as El Hijo del Perro Aguayo passed away early Saturday morning in Tijuana, Mexico after taking a 619 from fellow Lucha Libre legend Rey Misterio, according to PWTorch.

Aguayo Jr, 35, wrestled in a match with Misterio at AAA's show on Friday night. When Misterio tried to deliver his signature '619' finishing move, Aguayo attempted to dodge the maneuver. Instead, he took the brunt of it on his trachea, thus causing severe whiplash.

Paramedics rushed to assist the ailing Mexican legend as he was put into a backbrace and taken to Del Prado Hospital. The initial reports were positive, as Zeta reported that Aguayo had been stabilized. Those reports proved to be false as El-Mexicano confirmed that he passed away early Saturday morning.

Here is video of Aguayo Jr visibly shaken moments after receiving the 619:

The son of lucha libre legend Perro Aguayo, Aguayo Jr began wrestling at the age of 15. Since that time, he became one of Mexico's most decorated luchadors in history as his career spanned all of the top Mexican promotions, including CMLL (Consejo Munidal del Lucha Libre), AAA (Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion) and his own promotion known as 'Perros del Mal Producciones,'

Misterio and Aguayo Jr actually wrestled in a tag team match two days prior at AAA's 'Reys De Reyes' event. That match was the first post-WWE match that Misterio competed in.

The entire lucha libre community is mourning the loss of one of their most beloved superstars as all the major promotions in Mexico have issued statements regarding his passing.

Several wrestling personalities have commented on the tragic events:

R.I.P. Pedro Aguayo Ramirez (July 23, 1979- March 21, 2015)

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