Wrestlemania 31: Underwhelming or Unpredictable?

The 'Grand Daddy of Them All" all is upon us yet again and as usual, it's not without controversy. That controversy mainly stems from the main event title picture as Brock Lesnar has yet to re-sign with his contracts expiration looming. However, that makes this year's event into something that the last few Wrestlemania's have not been, which is unpredictable.

And that's a good thing.

Let's start at the top, with the aforementioned world heavyweight championship match. If Lesnar re-signs with the company, he will likely retain. But if he doesn't, is Roman ready to Reign? There's also the wild card of Paul Heyman to consider. A possibility of a double turn still exists but the biggest factor is of course Seth Rollins and his 'Money in the Bank' briefcase.

We'll also witness the return of the 'Deadman' as he takes on the 'New Face of Fear,' Bray Wyatt. If The Undertaker remained undefeated last year,  this match would be a no-brainer for 'Big Evil' to win. However, with last years loss, that is up in the air. The torch being passed to Wyatt is possible, not only because he deserves it, but 'Taker has always been willing, with no issue whatsoever, putting over younger talent. In a match of this caliber, it doesn't matter who wins, as long as the match is an entertaining one. Which it will be, in the very least.

The present will take on the future as Randy Orton faces Seth Rollins in a grudge match of epic proportions. Since coming back, Orton has looked better then ever. As for Rollins, he is entering his prime. It should be easy to call Orton as the victor here, but Rollins picking up the victory is a viable outcome as well. This match is truly unpredictable, but one thing that is certain is that we'll see high spots, false finishes, drama and a great story in the ring.

We can't forget about the 'Super Athlete' Rusev locking horns with John Cena. Not only is this match memorable for NOT having Cena be in the main event, but he is challenging for a mid-card title, which is actually brilliant. A victory would bring John Cena's career full circle as the first title he won was the United States championship at Wrestlemania 20. Most fans are quick to hate on Cena and say how he should lose to Rusev, but putting the title back on Cena at this point is truly best for business as the company is striving to bring prestige back to the U.S. title.  But the undefeated streak of Rusev continuing onward past 'Mania and past Cena. wouldn't be bad for business at all. It could also set up an eventual title vs, title if he decides to chase after the heavyweight belt having 'crushed' the Cenation.

Lets not forget about Sting vs. Triple H. It's obvious that Sting will go over big here. But that doesn't mean they can simply phone it in. Sting has looked great, unlike his last TNA run. 'The Game' will likely carry the match and as he's in amazing shape. There's plenty of faith to be had in this match blowing us out of the water, as long as they do as JR says and "dance with who brung ya." Neither of these wrestlers are technical wizards, nor have they ever been. Make this a dirty brawling match,or, make it a no-disqualification match. Have a sledgehammer vs. baseball bat showdown. Despite all of that,it's almost a guarantee that the 'Stinger' takes it in a match that won't disappoint if they keep it simple.

Rounding out the top marquee matches, we have the seven-man ladder match for the Intercontinental championship. This match has "instant classic" written all over it. It's going to be a bonafide beautiful disaster. In the essence of bringing back meaning to the title, Daniel Bryan winning this match is likely. However, it wouldn't  necessarily be underwhelming in any way with any of these participants winning. Dean Amborse is on fire, as is Dolph Ziggler. Luke Harper and Stardust are both more than deserving to carry the title, like they have before. However, if you are rooting for any of them, Wade Barrett has got some bad news. Barrett retaining almost seems perfect as he has been getting the short end of the stick in all of the antics leading up to 'Mania thus far. R-Truth could take the win home because he has put in a lot of time to make this entire debacle full of humor and more entertaining. He is the shining star at this point and has been the thing that many people looked forward to most in the past few weeks.

Furthermore, with the Andre the Giant battle royal, mixed in with the tag team title match and '#GiveDivasAChance' movement, Wrestlemania 31 is nothing short of worth it. A fun filled spectacle that as said before is the most unpredictable Wrestlemania in years