Eat, Sleep, Re-Sign, Repeat: Brock Lesnar's Future With WWE

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Unless you've been living under a rock, it's no secret that Brock Lesnar has been engaged in heavy contract negotiations. While also fielding offers from Viacom's Bellator MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE World Heavyweight champion has kept a tight lid on his decision.

However, at the eleventh hour, he finally decided what kingdom to which he will to lay waste. That kingdom being the WWE. On ESPN's SportCenter, the 'Beast Incarnate' let the cat out of the bag.

He has officially closed the door on MMA, and chose to continue his professional wrestling career with the WWE.

With the choice to re-sign, that opens the door for a plethora of different story arcs. There are many superstars left to be conquered, regardless whether Lesnar is the champion. The main thing this changes is Wrestlemania itself. Does this put a definitive halt to Romans imminent title reign? Not necessarily.

There's a reason why Paul Heyman plants the seeds that he does. He has always been making a future fork in the road with many destinations. Look closely at his promos over the past year. There is a true method to his madness.

It is no coincidence that he has constantly, overbearingly, and perhaps even annoyingly, continued to remind us of who exactly is the one to defeat The Undertaker while putting a halt to the undefeated streak. Thus, leaving the casket open for The Undertaker to rise up and pursue Lesnar's penance at next years 'Mania, which all hands point to being The Undertaker's retirement match. Whether The Undertaker bests Bray Wyatt matters not, for it has no bearing on the unfinished business that Taker and Lesner have.

It is completely plausible that the 'Deadman' may intervene and cost the conqueror his crown against the former SHIELD enforcer. Interference not withstanding, the Undertaker could wait until after the match to strike, with the show closing as the two face-off. This could lead to a year long feud with The Undertaker going over and winning the title next year, only to lay it down and retire as champion. A rare occurrence indeed, however, if anyone deserves such an honor, it's the Deadman.

Next we have the standard bearer, Seth Rollins, aka 'Mr. Money in the Bank.' Whether he defeats Randy Orton or not is irrelevant, in that he can certainly cash in on a victorious Brock Lesnar. In fact, if Orton does best Rollins prior to him cashing in, that could even open up a triangle feud between the three in the title picture. In essence, that would have Lesnar thrown into a program with arguably the two best workers in the company, which has money written all over it. Speaking of money, there's the wildcard that is Paul Heyman. He could quite possibly turn on Brock.

Which brings us to the next scenario, the ever looming face turn. With the way the 'smart' fans have refused to embrace Roman Reigns, there can even be the ever illusive double turn. Heyman could back Rollins in screwing over a post match victorious Lesnar. Also, the "Heyman" double cross could aid Roman Reigns to victory, bringing instant pity to Brock and disdain for Reigns. They could drag that program on and do it bigger and better than they did with CM Punk. That's because Brock is the original non-ECW Paul Heyman guy. He's been at his side for nearly fifteen years. With Heyman's mic work and Brocks facial expressions, it could be the most fulfilling program that WWE has pulled off in years. It's one of the very few ways that they can get sympathy for such a menacing individual like Brock Lesnar.

Of course there's also the other aforementioned seeds planted from Paul Heyman over the past few months. In the build up to the upcoming Wrestlemania, Paul has talked a lot about Roman Reigns' Samoan heritage. Heyman has constantly reminded the WWE Universe how Brock destroyed The Rock and sent him to Hollywood, back in in 2002. Then there's the coy attitude The Rock has displayed when asked if he would be at this years Wrestlemania. It is not farfetched to see a run in from The Great One, setting up Rock vs Brock II. 

Finally, there's the road less traveled. The most unpredictable scenario yet. It's probably the one that's best for business. Which may also include a Lesnar face turn. Imagine Brock overcoming a formidable Roman Reigns. Standing tall. bruised, hurting and tired but also victorious. Then BOOOOOOM! The Russian flag drops over the ring. RUSEV SMASHES, RUSEV CRUSHES, and down marches the super athlete to the tune of perhaps Jim Johnston's best work in over a decade with The United States title in hand. The show closes with a face-to-face between the two dominant champions. 

Nonetheless, there is more then one way to skin a cat. With Brock Lesnar being here to stay, the opportunities are limitless. Any of these potential story arcs could be great avenues for legitimate entertainment with unforgettable matches to follow. It is an exciting time. What storyline will be, The Next Big Thing?

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