The Internet Wrestling Community: "I'm Afraid I've Got Some Bad News"

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What are they missing...who did they piss off?

There's a bone to pick with the IWC. Yes, that's right. It's time to call out the  internet wrestling community. Enough with the 'smart marks' constantly complaining about how Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett are constantly being buried.

But, are they?

If you were talking about a JTG, Zack Ryder or the recently departed Justin Gabriel, you have a point. However, Barett is the Intercontinental champion and is in one of the big marquee matches. A match that could easily steal the show at Wrestlemania. He has been in-and-out of the main event scene since his arrival, where he was immediately thrust into a program with John Cena. Since then, he has overcome bad writing and numerous horrible entrance themes and character makeovers to still be over with the fans. And now, he's a multiple time Intercontinental champion.

But why is he always getting buried by constantly losing in non-title matches? It seems the term "buried" has changed. Or perhaps this generation of "smart marks" don't know what it means. Most heels lose in non-title matches, its always been that way. More over, the point is regardless of what happens to him, he is getting paid a lot of money to live out his dream job on the biggest stage. He is always on the main shows like RAW and SmackDown and rarely does a pay-per-view go by where he doesn't get air-time.

 And that's what matters.

Same for Damien Sandow. He  survived crappy writing and uneventful storylines to get himself over, and because of that, he is rewarded with sought after TV time. He is one of the guys expected to win the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. But regardless of that, just like  Barrett, he is constantly featured on Monday night Raw and thrown into programs that feature him with time to both talk and wrestle. He's also another guy able to live his dream and be showcased on the biggest shows the company has to offer.

 So until these two are stuck on Superstars or relegated to dark matches, and being kept off of TV, the IWC should know its role and shut its mouth.