Fighting Spirit Wrestling: 'The Lions Den' Preview

With just one more show left  before the much anticipated, promoted and awaited 'Lucha Libre Extravaganza,' Fighting Spirit Wrestling will host 'The Lions Den' on Saturday, March 21. With only four matches scheduled, all eyes will be on the promotions titles and the man who will be next in line to fight for the FSW World Heavyweight championship.

It's going to fierce, it's going to be rough, but with 30 men having the opportunity to fight for the world title, anything and everything will go.

Several superstars will fight for the coveted shot to fight the champion, whoever that may be at aforementioned Lucha Libre Extravaganza in April. With the exposure, glory and opportunity the victor will enjoy, you better believe the wrestlers of FSW are out to win at any cost.


FSW Tag Team Championships: Flawless and Lawless vs. Da House of Payne (c)- Both teams will stroll into the Lions Den riding a wave of momentum. The combination of ability and power that is exuded by Flawless and Lawless showed their skill by picking up an impressive victory in a fatal four-way bout at 9INE Lives. Conversely, Da House of Payne captured the tag team titles by defeating the Opposition in a 2 out of 3 falls match at ;9INE Lives. If both teams recent outings are any indication, this match will be hard hitting, intense and one for the ages.

FSW Primiero Championship: Suntan vs. Magma (c): Since capturing the Primiero title at the end of 2014, Magma has shown that he will take on all comers. Drew Gulak came up short at 'Kill Them All!' and New Japan Pro Wrestling's own Takkaki Watanabe couldn't defeat Magma at 9INE Lives. Now, the big, burly and brutal Suntan will step into the ring with Magma and look to cool his hot streak.

FSW World Championship: Supastar Whiplash vs. Ian Aldwin (c) w/P.J. Stackpole: After 9INE Lives concluded, the whiplash effect was felt throughout the entire venue. 'Supastar' Whiplash held the FSW world title above his head. Thus, signifying his aspirations of dethroning the current champion Ian Aldwin. With the crowd behind him and his recent streak of tremendous performances, can Whiplash upset Aldwin and capture the title for the first time? It will be a daunting task, but, with the only title in FSW he hasn't held in sight, expect Whiplash to go all out and leave Brooklyn as champion. However, with the dastardly Stackpole in Aldwin's corner, the task of defeating Aldwin becomes that much more difficult.

The Lions Den: One of the, if not the most anticipated matches that FSW features on a yearly basis. Of the litany of men scheduled to take part in the match, fans can expect the unexpected as all the talent of FSW put their best effort forward. Will Selfie Josh snapshot himself up the ranks of FSW? Will one of the Neighborhood Watch Heroes save FSW from injustice? Will Talon's faith translate into a victory? Will one of the members from 'The End' enjoy a jump start to their career? Could Joe Ettell and his reckless abandon help him in outlasting the competition? Or, will the returning Mike Verna cap off his trying past few months with a huge victory and earn the rematch against Aldwin that he feels he deserves? We'll find out tomorrow night at The Lion's Den.

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Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.