Fighting Spirit Wrestling "The Lions Den": The Roar of Faith

One of the most anticipated events and matches that Fighting Spirit Wrestling annually presents has come and gone. 
25 men entered the Lions Den and only man roared with victory. However, a complete defamation of respect added a personal fire to the next rivalry that FSW fans will see for the World Heavyweight championship.
Despite only having five matches, the entire show provided a good balance of wrestling, shocking and feel good moments as the faithful students of the Ludus Wrestling Center showed why their hard work translates into success.
Lets take a look.

Neighborhood Watch Heroes and Selfie Josh vs. Eric Gordon, AJ Spectre and Pyro Pulse: Gordon is in control early on until Citizen Prime walks the wall along the ring and hits a clothesline on Gordon. Spectre and Pulse use acrobatic offense to stiffle Prime. At one point, Selfie Josh shows reckless abandon and heaves himself off the apron onto everybody on the outside of the ring. The Sons of America pull a switch as Ian Gordon takes Eric's spot but, Prime defeats the new Gordon with an inverted neckbreaker for the win.
Winners: Neighborhood Watch Heroes and Selfie Josh

Main Show 

The great commentary team for FSW made up of "The Ace" Dante Jayce and Mike "The Main Event" Edison are ready to call the action as The End open the show. PJ Stackpole asks the fan-favorite ring announcer Ryan Peterson who he thinks will win the Lions Den battle royal. The answer of 'Mike Verna' didn't set well with Stackpole as he chased Peterson from the ring. He goes on to inform the audience that Verna will not be winning the battle royal and that Cyrus Deville and Leon Mason will be the winners and go for the tag titles as the crowd chants 'Dana White' toward Stackpole. However, he warns Joel Maximo is next.
FSW Tag Team Championships: Flawless and Lawless vs. Da House of Payne (c) (Nick Payne & Hakim Ali): Both House of Payne members assault Flawless and Lawless to begin the match but it doesn't take 'Flawless' Blake Morris long to recover. Morris and his partner, Rex Lawless work well as a team in the early stages of the match, isolating Nick Payne from his partner. As Ali and Payne talk on the outside of the ring, Lawless picks up his partner Morris military press style and throws him to the outside, taking out Payne and Ali. Morris and Lawless are working well as a team throughout the match and Da House of Payne are doing their best to combat it. Morris locks in a 'Rings of Saturn' submission hold on Ali and he taps out and we have new tag team champions.
But as it turns out, the referee called for the bell to disqualify Da House of Payne because of Big Daddy Dre yanking the referee out the ring to stop a pinfall moments before the submission. Therefore, Flawless and Lawless are victorious but Da House of Payne are still champions.
Winners via Disqualification: Flawless and Lawless
Omega Black minus their former member Suntan make their way to the announce table to do guest commentary. As Suntan waits in the ring for Magma, Matt Cappo makes his way to the ring and they both say something to each other but microphone difficulties prevent anybody from hearing what they said.
FSW Primiero Championship: Suntan vs. Magma (c): This match was easily one of the hardest hitting matches in recent FSW history. A litany of stiff slaps, forearms and punches left both men battered and brusied. Suntan hit Magma with an array of suplexes, constantly keeping him off his feet. But the crafty Magma came into this match on a hot streak and much like his name would indicate, he did keep a lot of heat on Suntan. The big man kept trying through the match to hit his impressive moonsault, but Magma stopped him at every turn, including hitting a bone crushing powerbomb on Suntan from the second rope. In Chris Hero fashion, Magma landed two spinning elbows to both sides of Suntan but even that couldn't stop Suntan. At one point, Sumie Sakai tried getting involved, leaping onto Suntan on the top rope. But Suntan caught her and threw her onto Matt Cappo and one member of Omega Black. As Greg Jones tried getting involved, Magma accidentally sprayed his red mist into his eyes and Suntan capitalized, using size on a rollup to keep Magma down for a three count.
Winner and NEW Primiero Champion: Suntan  
Winner and NEW Primiero Champion: Suntan
The crowd erupted as the referees hand hit the mat for a three count, leaving Magma, Sakai and Suntan's former brethren in Omega Black in shock.

FSW World Heavyweight Championship: Supastar Whiplash vs. Ian Aldwin (c) w/PJ Stackpole: A lot of stalling to begin this match until Aldwin used his size advantage to overpower Whiplash. An impressive spot saw Whiplash use Aldwin's arm for support to leap onto the top rope and take out the rest of The End on the outside. From that point forward, Aldiwn completely neutralized Whiplash, except for a few bursts of life from Whiplash, including a Christopher Daniels like moonsault from Whiplash onto Aldwin. With the referee distracted, Cyrus and Aldwin double team Whiplash. At one point, the crowd nearly reached a fever pitch as Whiplash hit a senton bomb followed by a frog splash and nearly got a three count. That was as close as Whiplash would get. A Stackpole distraction allowed Aldwin to hit an inverted full nelson slam and lock in a cobra clutch like submission as Whiplash passed out.
Winner: Ian Aldwin
After the match, The End set up two chairs in the ring and Aldwin uses the same inverted full nelson slam from moments before to slam Whiplash spine first through the chairs.
The Lions Den 2015

Cyrus Deville and Captain Hammil open the match but a spear from Cyrus allows him to eliminate Hammil right away.
Citizen Prime is next entrant and he takes it to Cyrus until the next man in, Leon Mason comes in and they double team and eliminate Prime.
Sammi Pickles is next and despite her best efforts, she is outnumbered and receives a spear from Cyrus for her troubles. PJ Stackpole eliminates Pickles. You read that right.
Mike Verna is in next but the two members of The End keep him at bay. Selfie Josh is next and he's eliminated right away. Rex Lawless is next and he cleans house. Joe Ettell, the next entrant comes in and brawls with Verna.
Benny Martinez is next but he doesn't come in the ring right away. Talon is next and he teams with Ettell to eliminate Lawless. Blake Morris is next as Lawless urges on his partner. Manny Martinez is next and Benny finally enters the match as he and his brother take it to the competition.
Sasha X and Big Daddy Dre are the next two entrants. Blake Morris is eliminated. Greg Jones and Nutrious X are the next two entrants as Big Daddy Dre is eliminated. Geno X is next as all three members of Certified Sexy are in the ring. Suntan is in next breaks a bottle over Jones head.
Nutrious X climbs to the top rope and hits a senton onto the mass of humanity in the ring, knocking everybody off their feet. Martinez Brothers are eliminated. Dr. Arroyo is next and he shows off some skills, hitting a stunner on Ettell before being eliminated. Tony Dynasty is the next entrant as Suntan is eliminated.
Magma is the next entrant as Geno X, Dynasty and Nutrious X are eliminated within moments of each other. Eric Gordon is next but Talon eliminates him. The large Malta The Damager is in next entrant as he and Leon Mason have a clash of the giants.
The final entrant is Joel Maximo as the crowd welcomes him with a nice ovation. Not an entrant but Talon eliminates Becky Goodhead. Leon eliminates Malta and Ettell but is himself eliminated by Verna. However, Stackpole suprises everybody and eliminates Verna.
Talon eliminates Cyrus, leaving just him and Maximo.
Talon vs. Joel Maximo: Maximo looks as athletic as ever as he prepares for the Lucha Libre Extravaganza. A flurry of kicks to Talon, keeping him off balance. However, Talon throws Maximo off the ropes, hitting a diving legdrop and hits a second fisherman buster and wins the 2015 Lions Den.
Winner: Talon
After the match, Maximo praises Talon and tells him to kick Aldwin's ass. However, Stackpole has a proposition for Talon, to do what Whiplash couldn't do and become FSW's first triple crown winner. Team up with Leon Mason and go for the tag team titles. Talon says that he will make history and become the first two-time FSW World Heavyweight champion.
The End assault Talon as Mason hits a chokeslam, Cyrus hits a spear and Aldwin shocks the entire crowd by cutting Talon's famous beard. Maximo, Verna and Ettell try to help but The End flee and leave the arena.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.