Monday Night RAW Review:- 10/27/14

   After the carnage of Hell in a Cell that was left in Dallas, the WWE crew moved to a different part of Texas as the fallout from Hell in a Cell transpired.

     New rivalries took shape, questions were answered and new questions arose. But only one thing is for certain, heading into the next Pay-Per-View, survival will be the key to success.

Stephanie McMahon/Triple H/Seth Rollins/Randy Orton Opening Segment:- The Authority are in the ring to kick off the show and hype the previous nights Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View. Stephanie praises Seth Rollins performance as she introduces him and he comes out, stooges in tow. Rollins seemingly banged up from the previous nights Hell in a Cell match gets a sea of boos from the crowd. The first thing Rollins says is how happy he is about Ambrose being out of his life and that leads the crowd to chanting for Cena. Rollins mocks the crowd and says that he will beat Cena tonight. This brings out Randy Orton.
                 Orton says he is sorry for breaking up the love fest but he says that hes angry and needs to be checked back into a Anger Management facility as he will keep his word, if the Authority won't do something about Rollins, he will. This prompts Orton to attack Rollins but both men are broken apart. Triple H tells Orton to take the night off but as Triple H is still talking, Orton hits an RKO Outta Nowhere on Rollins and leaves. The Authority is pissed.

Mark Henry and Big Show vs. Gold & Stardust:- WWE Tag Team Championship:- Coming off of his loss last night, Big Show and his good friend Mark Henry were teamed up to try and win the tag team titles. Both big men were working well together early and dominating until Big Show tagged Henry a bit too hard, angering him and setting in motion the teams downfall. Show and Henry dominated after their early argument and had the titles won as Big Show knocked out Stardust and disposed of Goldust until Henry came in the ring and hit the Worlds Strongest Slam on Big Show. Henry threw Stardust on top of show for the 3 count.
Winners:- Gold & Stardust

      After the match, Henry hit 2 more Worlds Strongest Slams on The Big Show and a big splash.

Back from break, Renee Young catches up with Mark Henry who says that Big Show is jealous of him and always will be.

Roman Reigns Via Satellite:- Reigns says that being on the sidelines isn't fun but when hes back, Seth Rollins will pay.

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox:- Another rematch between these 2 divas, but a decent one. It was relatively short but good back and forth action. A Paige distraction enabled AJ to roll up Alicia for the victory.
Winner:- AJ Lee

 After the match, Paige assaults Alicia to the point of Jerry Lawler intervening on Alicia's behalf.

John Cena/Stephanie McMahon/ Triple H segment:- John Cena comes out to his usual cheap pandering, talking about the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. He discusses his win from the previous night and getting the chance to face the Beast Brock Lesnar once again. This brings out Stephanie McMahon who has a business proposal for Cena. The proposal is that Cena deserves everything for working so hard and that he should join The Authority where he would be appreciated and respected. Cena rejects and says that he won't sell out. Triple H comes out and say that he knows Cena is smart and that at the end of the day, he will make the right decision. Also, Triple H announces the main event for Survivor Series, The Authority vs. Team John Cena, a team that Cena will have to gather himself.

The Miz and Damien MizDow vs. The Usos:- A rather lengthy match between these two teams. MizDow once again was the highlight of the match. It would be a good idea to start teasing a split between these two and this act will get stale eventually. The action in the match was smooth and looked good, the finish came when the Uso's used "Twin Magic" and switched places, allowing the fresh Uso to capture the win with a roll-up.
Winners:- The Usos

Dolph Ziggler and John Cena are shown talking backstage and Ziggler shakes Cena hand.

Kane and Dolph Ziggler Backstage:- Kane runs into Ziggler and says that there are reports Ziggler has been talking to Cena. That is seen as a direct act of aggression against The Authority and Kane will defeat Ziggler tonight.

Hulk Hogan Segment:- Hogan comes out to a nice ovation and does his usual shtick. Plugs the Susan G. Komen special, says Brother and the segment ends.

Bo Dallas vs. Ryback:- Bo Dallas issued an open challenge and this brought out the returning Ryback! He came out to his FEED ME MORE theme song, to great reaction from the crowd. Ryback worked as a huge face and dominated the entire match, defeating Bo Dallas with Shell Shocked.
Winner:- Ryback

Dean Ambrose Backstage

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro:- Ambrose comes out second and stands on the announcers table and talks about destroying Seth Rollins last night and that he doesn't care why or how Bray Wyatt did what he did. But that he enjoyed being in hell and that's where he will take Bray Wyatt. Ambrose jumps Cesaro with the microphone and assaults Cesaro in the ring, all the way up the ramp and pounded Cesaro's head with the microphone and called out Wyatt. The match never started.

Bray Wyatt Promo:- Bray Wyatt comes on the titantron and cuts a promo talking about how when he sees Ambrose, he sees himself and that he isn't Dean's brother or friend and that he should....RUN.

Nikki w/ Brie vs Naomi:- Short match with Brie doing Nikki's bidding at ringside and assisting Nikki in winning the match.
Winner:- Nikki

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler:- Considering the fact that Kane has been made to look incredibly weak in his current role as Director of Operations, it's quite nice to see him have a good match every now and then. Although Ziggler carried the majority of this match with his athleticism,  Kane dominated Ziggler for the most part but Ziggler was able to pick up the victory with a victory roll.
Winner:- Dolph Ziggler

Rollins assaults Ziggler after the match along with Kane. John Cena makes the save.

Seth Rollins w/Noble, Mercury vs. John Cena:- Rollins was selling the injuries from Hell in a Cell, taped ribs and all. But the stooges Mercury and Noble do their job of distracting the referee and beating up on Cena on the outside, allowing Rollins to take control. Rollins dominated almost the entire match until Cena hit his 5 moves of doom and regaining control. Cena and Rollins traded their biggest blows until Kane interfered causing a disqualification.
Winner:- John Cena by DQ

   Kane and Rollins proceeded to assault Cena until the entire locker room cleared out and the ring was filled with WWE superstars brawling. Eventually, the ring cleared and Heath Slater and Bo Dallas were left to Cena and delivered an AA to both. The show ended with Cena posing towards the Authority. Interesting end to the show.

        Overall, the show was a good one that left a lot to be expected. Gives us a reason to tune in next week. Surprisingly, there was no Rusev and that brawl at the end mad little sense.

Rating:- 7.5/ 10

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.