EXCLUSIVE: Vince Russo: "Writing wrestling isn't rocket science!"

The blog formerly known as "The Scoops and Slams of Wrestling" is back!

Under a new name and a new goal, this blog is will be dedicated to not just the news around the wrestling business, but to be inside the wrestling business.

Even though there will be coverage of professional wrestling events every single week, the most focused on aspect of this site will be to go out and meet the men and women who's paved the way for the industry. To get to know them on a professional and to an extent, personal level.

 And the first post and tidbit of news comes from one of the most influential, controversial and newsworthy men to ever have been associated with the world of professional wrestling, VINCE RUSSO!

The former lead writer for the WWE during its biggest peak back in the Attitude Era has always had a knack for finding himself in the headlines. One of the most despised men in the business has been involved in his fair share of controversy. From his WWE departure in 1999 to the tumultuous end to his stint with TNA, Russo has been at the center of controversy for almost his entire career.

Now, Russo has stepped away from the tough and rouged lifestyle that comes with being entrenched within the wrestling business and doing his own thing. With his pyroandballyhoo.com website rapidly growing, Russo is very happy to not have any restrictions to his creativity and writing.

 "I love what I'm doing now," said Russo. "I love the ability to write about anything I want, I love bringing on old friends and doing video interviews."

Russo also sheds light on his appearance on at the FSW promotion on October 11, how it came about and more.

Listen to the entire interview:- 

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.