Friday Night SmackDown Review:- 10/17/14

 Coming off of a Monday Night RAW where the main events for Hell in a Cell were determined, many combustible elements carried over to Friday Night SmackDown. Taking place in Birmingham, Alabama, both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose decided to send strong messages to each other in lieu of their big Hell in a Cell match. Also, after The Big Show's loss via DQ to Rusev due to Mark Henry's interference, the 2 of them had to settle some tension. Let's take a look!

Seth Rollins/ Dolph Ziggler Opening Promo:- Seth Rollins opens the show to some sizable heat from the Alabama crowd. The crowd follows it up with "You Sold Out" chants to which Rollins says that everyone of the fans in attendance would sell out as well. Rollins says that he does not belong inside a Hell in a Cell match with Dean Ambrose and that Ambrose belongs in a straight-jacket. This brings out Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler says the fans want to see him, not Rollins. A dropkick to Rollins begins the first match of the night, Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler:- A good back and forth match between these 2 fine athletes. Ziggler began the match on fire but Rollins began dominating midway. A huge turning point came when Rollins got Ziggler in a powerbomb position but some awkward timing seemed to take place and the move was messed up until Ziggler hit a DDT. After another failed powerbomb attempt, Rollins finally hit his powebomb into the turnbuckle and hit his finisher, The Curb Stomp for the victory.
Winner:- Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose/ Seth Rollins/ Kane Post Match:- After the match, Dean Amborse makes his way to the ring to a huge reaction from the crowd. Dean enters the ring as Rollins make his way up the ramp. Ambrose gets a mic and begins to talk about winning the contract to face Rollins and go into detail about how badly he will defeat Rollins. This brought out Kane who said he's "feeling aggressive" and will take it out tonight on Dean the main event.

AJ Lee is showing skipping backstage, AJ Lee vs. Layla is next.

AJ Lee vs. Layla:- Paige and Alicia Fox were sitting ringside for the match. A very short match that saw AJ dominate for the most part. The finish came when Layla missed her double springboard crossbody and AJ locked in the black widow for the submission win.
Winner: AJ Lee

AJ Lee/ Alicia Fox/ Paige Post Match:- Alicia charges into the ring to attack AJ who counters but Paige makes the save and lays out AJ with the RamPAIGE.

Seth Rollins/Kane Backstage:- Rollins come in to ask Kane to save him some of Dean Ambrose for Hell in a Cell. Kane tells Rollins that he's never been inside Hell in a Cell and doesn't understand the pain involved in such a match. He tells Rollins to keep a close eye on the match tonight and that he, Randy Orton and the rest of The Authority will taken care of Cena and Ambrose on Monday Night RAW.

Sheamus and The Usos Backstage:- A rather boring segment where Sheamus and The Uso's fail at comedy and talk about how they will defeat trio of The Miz and Star/Goldust.

Wyatt Family vignette airs.

Sheamus and The Usos vs. The Miz and Star/Goldust:- A fast star to the match with Sheamus and Goldust starting things off. The Uso's followed that up with some tag team work on Stardust. The funniest part of the match comes when one of the Uso's dropkicked the Miz into the barricade and MizDow threw himself into the barricade at the same time and sold the injury. Sandow is pure entertainment. One of the Uso's was being worked over by Stardust until Sheamus got the hot tag and came in to clean house. Jimmy Uso came in to help Sheamus after a Star/Goldust double team and cleared the ring, allowing Sheamus to hit a brogue kick to Goldust for the win. A dull match with a fun ending.
Winners:- Sheamus and The Usos

Big Show shown walking backstage

Big Show/ Mark Henry/ Rusev Segment:- Big Show comes out to a nice reaction and grabs the mic to discuss Rusev. He brings up overcoming difficulties such as being a huge kid and how he will overcome Rusev. Show brings up defeating Rusev but not pinning him and how the third time will be a charm at Hell in a Cell. However, Show calls out his "brother from another mother", Mark Henry who makes his way to the ring.
          Big Show puts his arm around Henry and starts telling some stories about eating food and flipping cars over with Henry. The point being, he and Henry are family and as family, he asks Henry to stay out of his business with Rusev, to which he reluctantly agrees. Enter Rusev.
           Lana talks about Big Show being blown up and how he will lose, then Rusev grabs the microphone and tells Big Show he will crush him. Big Show gets very emotional and starts yelling at Rusev about his American Made spine which won't break and how he will defeat Rusev and Hell in a Cell.

Nikki Bella is shown walking backstage

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi:- Nikki dominates the early part of the match until Naomi goes off on a frenzy, hitting all of her signature moves. Nikki Bella hangs up Naomi on the top rope and hits her torture rack slam finisher on Naomi for the win. It's a shame they don't utilize Naomi better, fantastic athlete.
Winner:- Nikki Bella

Dean Ambrose Backstage Interview:-  Ambrose says that before he was rudely interrupted tonight, he was explaining what he was going to Seth Rollins and how he can't prepare for the unknown. That even Ambrose doesn't know what he's going to do inside the Cell. Finally, his opponent Kane has starred in one too many horror movies in Ambrose mind and that tonight it isn't Hollywood, but it's Birmingham, Alabama!

Kane w/Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose:- Kane begins the match with some early offense until Ambrose begins playing mind games with Rollins and Kane by continually getting out of the ring. The big moment comes when Ambrose leaps from inside the ring to the outside onto Kane. Kane regains control after that point and connects with a big boot to Ambrose face, keeping him at the bay for the time being. Throwing Ambrose outside the ring backfires on Kane as he eats a dropkick into the steel steps from Ambrose and then eats a flurry from Ambrose. As Ambrose got Kane in position for his DDT, Rollins interfered causing the disqualification.
Winner:- Dean Amborse (via disqualification)

      Kane and Rollins attempted to double team Ambrose as Rollins hit his signature corner powerbomb on Ambrose. Kane got Rollins a chair which he placed underneath Ambrose head in preparation for a Curb Stop, but Ambrose moved and Rollins missed. The show ended with Ambrose manhandling Kane with the steel chair as Rollins ran away.

Final Rating:- 6/10sta

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.