Hell In A Cell:- Review

On a night where Hell wasn't an advertisement but a guarantee, every single competitor left Dallas, Texas a different person.

The night began with athleticism of the future and ended with personalities of the future. That notwithstanding, nobody can discredit the level of brutality these superstars put themselves through.

With dull performances and questionable decisions by the higher powers, one man at the end of night could say....I'M  HERE.

Hell In A Cell Preshow

Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry:- The Worlds Strongest Man and the the WWE's resident BOliever have had some issues the past few weeks. Dallas has been able to sneak past Henry with some quick but questionable victories, angering that great wall of a man known as Mark Henry. Bo Dallas cut a funny promo before the match saying that he's the new Worlds Strongest Man, having beaten Henry 4 times. Also, he absolutely tore into the city of Dallas, saying hes changing his name to Bo Washington for the night. Oh, Bo. The match was short and Henry dominated the entire match and picked up the win with the Worlds Strongest Slam.
Winner:- Mark Henry

2 Out of 3 Falls Match:- Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler (c)- Intercontinental Championship:- Coming off of their classic match on SmackDown, these two fine athletes had their work cut out for them. Topping that match was going to be a tall order, even with their best effort. Their best effort was exactly what we got as both men put on another classic match. Ziggler won the match in 2 straight falls, with a roll up win for the first fall and a Zig-Zag for the 2nd fall. Many may question as to why the match was 2 straight falls but it's helps this match types unpredictability. Also, Cesaro looked spectacular, as did Ziggler so it was a great start to the show.
Winner:- Dolph Ziggler

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella:- Losers Has to be the Winners Assistant for 30 Days:- Quite honestly, this match was not as bad as the mental images inside most wrestling fans minds. The two sisters seemed to work very well together, incorporating very fluid offense for the most part. The biggest annoyance is Brie Bella trying to act like Daniel Bryan. It just comes off forced and unnatural. Just because they're married doesn't mean they need to act the same. The finish was very surprising as Nikki Bella won, making Brie her personal assistant.
Winner:- Nikki Bella

Gold & Stardust vs. The Usos:- WWE Tag Team Championship:- Despite the match seeing a lot of high flying and fast paced action, it was simply nothing new or original. We have seen these teams face off so much in regular tag team matches and six-man tag team matches, it was just a combination of all the moves they've done to each other countless times. The spot where The Uso's hit the double superplex to the Dust Brothers was very nice however. Gold & Stardust won the match after some underhanded tactics by Goldust.
Winners:- Gold & Stardust

Hell In a Cell:- Randy Orton vs John Cena (Winner Faces WWE Champion Brock Lesnar):- In the rematch of the most overdone match of the last decade, we got an entertaining match but certainly nothing special. The match was the typical and now routinely systematic formula in any Cena and any Orton match. Cena was losing for almost the entire match and showed glimpses of life here and there. Orton was dominating for the most part and the occasional weapon was thrown into the mix. Quite frankly, this match was essentially the same as their TLC match this past December in the unification match, just with a Cell around them. One beautiful spot in the match Orton countering an AA into an RKO, and it was outta nowhere. The finish came when Cena hit Orton with an AA off the second rope through a table, scoring the victory.
Winner:- John Cena

The Miz w/ Damien MizDow vs. Sheamus (c)- United States Championship:- Without a doubt, the funniest match on the card. The Miz and Sheamus have wrestled each other about 4 times leading up to this big title match but once again, neither man stole the show, but The Miz's stunt double Damien MizDow did. The match was relatively short as late in the match, MizDow provided a distraction, allowing Miz to hit a Skull Crushing Finale for a close fall. That was as close as Miz would get as a Brogue Kick ended the night for The Miz.
Winner:- Sheamus
        After the match, MizDow laid next to an incapacitated Miz and Sheamus decided to have some fun. Sheamus began using the Miz as a puppet and MizDow imitated everything the Sheamus guided Miz was doing, including a YMCA dance. Pure hilarity.

Rusev vs. Big Show:- This match was one of the big let downs of the entire show, unsurprisingly so to boot. Their match on RAW 2 weeks ago was much better. It was slow, boring and just predictable. Mark Henry ended up coming to support his friend Big Show but ended up being superkicked and then Rusev locked in The Accolade for the victory, making the Big Show pass out, much like the audience in attendance and watching at home.
Winner:- Rusev

Paige w/ Alicia Fox vs. AJ Lee (c)- Divas Championship:- In perhaps their final encounter for a long time, AJ defeated Paige in a dull match, ending this dull feud. Now AJ can move on in her search to defend her title against a non-Total Diva and Paige can do whatever WWE decides for her.
Winner:- AJ Lee

Hell In a Cell:- Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins:- Putting aside the method in which it was decided for this match to end, the method to which it was decided to put this match in the main event was genius. From the beginning of the match which saw Ambrose duke it out with not only Rollins, but Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury on top of the cell. To the events directly afterwards which saw Ambrose and Rollins fighting on the midway point of the Cell and both take a crazy bump onto the announce tables. It was brutal, it was nasty and it was awesome. This entire match was a combination of every famous Hell in a Cell match ever. After it seemed both men were done for and being stretchered out, Ambrose got up and the match resumed inside the cell. The brutality had just begun as steel chairs, tables and cinderblocks made their way into the match. And just when it seemed that Rollins was done, the lights went out for Ambrose.
        Quite literally, as Ambrose prepared to return the favor of putting Rollins head through cinderblocks, the lights went out. A spell was chanted as the arena was still shrouded in the darkness. As a glimmer of light appeared, a lantern lay in the middle of the ring, with an eerie hologram depicting a ghostly figure ascended from the middle of the ring. Finally,a familiar figure made his return in dominating fashion.
         Bray Wyatt made his way from underneath the ring and into the ring, taking down Ambrose with a violent clothesline, allowing Rollins to crawl over and cover Ambrose for the 1..2..3.
Winner:- Seth Rollins

        With the match now over, Wyatt assisted Ambrose to his feet but proceeded to lay him out with his Sister Abigail finisher. The Pay-Per-View went off the air with Wyatt on his knees beside Ambrose, laughing.

             Overall, this Pay-Per-View was a major letdown. We did get to see some fantastic wrestling with Cesaro and Ziggler and a thrilling main event, but the majority of everything else was mediocre at best. Cena winning the Hell in a Cell match against Orton was a major letdown as the continuation of Lesnar vs. Cena just screams overdone and boring. Rusev and Big Show stunk out the joint and the tag team division's lack of depth will now very likely be exposed.

Final Rating:- 5/10

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.