Five Borough Wrestling's 'Season's Last Wish' Results

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Five Borough Wrestling returned to the American Legion in Brooklyn, New York, one final time in 2015. In a star-studded year that's featured some of the biggest names in the industry, FBW's last show of the year focused a lot on the in-ring action -- highlighted by a first time ever match between New Japan Pro Wrestling's own Kenny Omega versus "The Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese.

Several other familiar faces were back in Brooklyn as ECW, WCW, and WWE legend Raven made a rare appearance, greeting fans before the show. But his involvement went beyond just signing autographs as he ended up taking a little crusade for change.

Let's take a look at the results.


Maxwell Jacob Feinstein defeated CPA, Chris Payne, and Team Espana

Main Show

Willow Nightengale vs. Brooke Danielle: Sloppy start to the match but Nightengale had Danielle shrieking in pain for most of the bout. However, Danielle caught Nightengale in a choke hold for the win.

Winner: Brooke Danielle

The Crusade for Change (TJ Marconi, Stockade, Anthony Gangone, and Darius Carter) make their way out to the ring. The group proclaims its dominance over FBW, saying that it's not FBW Presents Season's Last Wish, but Crusade for Change presents Season's Last Wish. The group announces that due to their actions last month, Mike Verna, Rudeboy Riley, and Talon are not there.

Absolute Alvin vs. Logan Black vs. Matt Tremont vs. Masada: The Combat Zone Wrestling Heavyweight champion Tremont was super over with the Brooklyn crowd and he controlled most the match. At one point, Tremont hit a devastating superplex on Black as Alvin and Masada brawled on the outside. Tremont wins with the Ura-nage.

Winner: Matt Tremont

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House of Glory Elite Championship: Sonjay Dutt vs. Anthony Gangone (c): Dutt offers Gangone a handshake before the match, only to have his hand kicked away. Perhaps that was Gangone's retaliation for Dutt saying that if he wins, Anthony can "Gangone the hell outta here." Dutt was in control early, including a risk-taking dive to the outside as Gangone hit the guardrail. Towards the end, Dutt attempted his signature stomp from the top rope, but Gangone moved, used the referee as a Shield, and rolled up Dutt. With help from the ropes, Gangone pinned Dutt to retain his title.

Winner: Anthony Gangone

Jigsaw vs. Papadon: Technical start to the match but Papadon began complaining to the referee that his hair -- or lack thereof -- was being pulled. Jigsaw's acrobatic offense had Papadon off balance to the point of him needing a breather early on. But the cagey veteran Papadon used the ring skirt to trap Jigsaw and pummel him, taking control from that point on. After a bevy of near falls, Papadon was seething with anger, screaming "THREE! THREE! THREE!" at the referee. But Jigsaw's athleticism was too much for Papadon to overcome last night and the Global Force Wrestling superstar prevailed.

Winner: Jigsaw

Kevin Matthews is out for his scheduled match with CZW owner DJ Hyde. Before addressing Hyde, a frustrated Matthews takes some time to run down some rabid fans, telling one fan he'll bring him a bra next time. Matthews continues to say that Hyde left the arena due to the flu and he's glad because he didn't want to have the worst match of his career. He calls out his replacement for tonight, who he hopes is a good wrestler. CZW standout Drew Gulak answers the call.

Kevin Matthews vs. Drew Gulak: Textbook wrestling to start as Gulak gives Matthews exactly what he wants -- a worthy challenge. At one point, Matthews suplexed Gulak against the turnbuckles as his neck and back bounced violently. But Gulak bounced back, hitting several moves -- including a German suplex into a bridge and a vicious piledriver -- which still did not keep Matthews down. Gulak couldn't avoid the Ego Driver and Matthews picked up the win.

Winner: Kevin Matthews

Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers and Brandon Watts) vs. Crusade for Change (TJ Marconi and Stockade): The size disadvantage that Watts and Summers faced seemed too much early on, especially after Marconi powerbombed Watts on the apron. The crowd's support seemed to empower Milk Chocolate as they were still able to hold their own, despite the punishment they suffered. A funny spot came towards the end when Milk Chocolate doubled teamed Marconi -- hitting a double Superman Punch and double spear -- imitating WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns. Marconi made an appearance on this week's WWE SmackDown as a security member and suffered the wrath of a Superman Punch. However, a double team maneuver from Marconi and Stockade put Milk Chocolate away.

Winners: Crusade for Change

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FBW Tag Team Championship: Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Barry) vs. Flawless and Lawless (Blake Morris and Rex Lawless) (c): All Team Tremendous to start as Morris is isolated from his partner Lawless. Lawless and Carr come face-to-face as both behemoths tried to overpower each other. In this relatively short contest, Morris rolls up Berry for the win but there was some confusion as to whether or not the referee's count was a full three.

Winners: Flawless and Lawless

After the match, Morris grabs a mic and thanks, Team Tremendous for all of their matches together. He and Lawless proceed to issue an open challenge to any tag team on the independents for FBW's next show on Feb.5, 2016.

Dan Maff vs. Darius Carter: Easily the most back and forth contest off the night. Maff was chopping Carter like a slab of meat to start the match, but after driving his knees into Maff's spine, the "Bayonne Badass" struggled to maintain a vertical base. On the verge of victory, Carter's fellow Crusade for Change members interfered, pulling the referee out of the ring. Marconi hit a chokeslam on Maff, allowing Carter to pick up the win.

Winner: Darius Carter

The assault on Maff continued and the Raven -- making a special appearance in Brooklyn -- came out to ringside. He donned the Crusade for Change's mask but quickly took it off and delivered drop toeholds to everybody in sight. Mike Verna is out next, confronting the HOG Elite champion Gangone as the rest of the Crusaders scurry. GM PJ Stackpole makes his way to the ring and announces a 30-man over the top rope battle royal for the next show. The first two entrants are Maff and Verna.

FBW Heavyweight Championship: David Starr vs. Brian Myers (c): Myers spears Starr and pins him right away for the win. The match lasted all of five seconds.

Winner: Brian Myers

It's main event time as Tony Nese and NJPW star and Bullet Club member Kenny Omega made their way out to the ring. Omega has some sincere words for Nese who wasn't buying it. He says that with Omega's physique, anybody could be a star in Japan. Omega proceeds to insult Nese by saying he signed with TNA and never even appeared on television. After a few more pleasantries, the match is underway.

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Tony Nese vs. Kenny Omega: Omega has the crowd in his corner early, but both men displayed tremendous athletic ability. At one point, Omega did push ups, sits ups and other exercises to frustrate Nese until he suffers a baseball slide to the back. Nese used his signature moonsault from the apron, into the ring, off the second rope, but Omega kicked out. Omega hit a flurry of ax handles and a standing moonsault, but Nese wasn't going down easy. Omega seemed done after Nse used his strength to lift Omega with one arm and slammed him against the turnbuckles. Omega also attempted his famous Hadouken, but Nese countered. After missing a 450 splash, Omega hit him with a version of Croyt's Wrath for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Omega thanked the fans and gave a nice speech to wrap up the show.

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