Exclusive: Nick 'Magnus' Aldis Interview

[Image by Simon Q/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons]
Via The Inquisitr

Coming into Total Nonstop Action (TNA) with a strong following in his native United Kingdom, Nick Aldis, and his shredded physique, chiseled jaw, young age, and dedication to the craft were second-to-none. Not only did Aldis have notoriety from being on the show Gladiators in the UK, he also had been a full-time wrestler since 2003.

 That's a common misconception about Aldis as he wasn't signed to the IMPACT roster because of his popularity on a foreign country's television show, but because of his look and passion for the industry.

“A lot of people in TNA didn't even realize that I was already a wrestler before I did Gladiators, a lot of people just assumed that just because I did Gladiators, Dixie [Carter] just saw me on that show and said 'Hey, do you want to be a wrestler?'” said Aldis. “That wasn't the case at all, I've been a full-time wrestler, my first year in the business, I wrestled like six days a week. I don't how many of these weekend warrior, Indy heroes are wrestling six days a week.”
Listen to the interview below:

Mark Suleymanov

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