Lucha Libre Extravaganza: A Show With Fighting Spirit

Nearly 500 people packed the Elmcor Youth Center in Queens, NY for the first ever Lucha Libre Extravaganza. The Fighting Spirit Wrestling promotion hyped, promoted this as their biggest show to date as several huge names in the wrestling world made appearances.

From the "Chairman of Wrestlng" L.A. Park to the legendary Chavo Guerrero Jr, the biggest names in Lucha Libre history got into the ring to lock horns with some of the best talent that FSW has to offer.

Despite solid performances and a women's match for the ages, the show felt flat and dragging at times.

However, a lively crowd, an electric atmosphere and a passionate performances helped to salvage what could have ended up as a disappointment.


Tag Team Elimination Battle Royal: Tony Dynasty/Selfie Josh vs. Neighborhood Watch Heroes vs. AJ Spectre/Pyro Pulse vs. Sons of America vs. Ace Maravilla/Iceberg: The eliminations came quickly in this match. Here are the eliminations in order: Selfie Josh, Ace Maravilla, Tony Dynasty, Captain Hammil, Citizen Prime, Pyro Pulse, Ian Gordon, Eric Gordon. AJ Spectre picks up the win for his team.

Winners: AJ Spectre/ Pyro Pulse

Main Card

The show begins with a spectacular light show as the ringside area is darkened. Before the show begins, we have a 10 bell salute in memory of the recently deceased El Hijo de Perro Aguayo Jr.

As Anaconda by Nicki Minaj plays in the background, FSW head honcho Joel Maximo makes his way to the ring. He thanks all the fans for coming out to FSW's biggest event to date. He gives a rundown of all the big names in attendance and proceeds to introduce us to the newest commissioner of FSW, Adam Torkel.

Torkel thanks the fans and Maximo and promises to bring deliver as the new commissioner.

FSW Primierio Championship: Magma w/ Matt Capo and Sumie Sakai vs. Suntan (c): The two men begin to fight outside of the ring before the bell rings. Back in the ring, Suntan brings the heat to Magma as the big man Suntan moved with the agility of a cruiserweight. Funny yet brilliant moment sees Suntan uses Sumie Sakai as a shield on the outside of the ring to stop an attempted suicide dive by Magma. Back in the ring again, Suntan uses a variety of slaps and chops on Magma, shades of their first match last month. The crowd erupted when Suntan attempted to hit his signature moonsault, but to no avail as Magma moved out of the way. Despite the miscue, Suntan seemed prime to retain his title until Omega Black got involved. Their distraction, partnered with a Singapore cane to the skull from Magma ended Suntan's month long title reign.

Winner and NEW Primierio champion: Magma

The crowd is none too pleased with the result and a "This is Bullsh*t" chant breaks out.

Joel Gertner comes out to a nice reception. He cuts a promo in Spanish and introduces the trio of Certified Sexy. They are here to challenge any trio of wrestlers to face them tonight and the reformed SNOT answer the challenge.

SNOT vs. Certified Sexy: After initially clearing the ring, the three members of Certified Sexy are in for a long night. Kris Rex of SNOT seemed to be out to send a message in the early going. Certified Sexy did all they could, including using their patented high flying maneuvers to try and keep SNOT off. But it proved to be all for naught as SNOT returned to win in relatively decisive fashion.

Winners: SNOT

La Rosa Negra vs. Sumie Sakai w/ Magma and Matt Capo: Simply put, this was the match of the night. The match starts with both ladies taunting each other but Sakai took it to Negra early. Seemingly fed up with the trio of Sakai, Capo and Magma, Negra did a suicide dive to the outside, taking out all three of them. But that wouldn't be the end of Sakai as she had control of Negra after hitting the X-Factor and trapping Negra in a Lion Tamer. Negra was able to counter into her own version of the Lion Tamer but Sakai wouldn't stay down. Sakai flew around the ring with grace but a missed moonsault was the beginning to her downfall. A unique spot saw Sakai and Magma get a chair into the ring but Negra leaped onto the chair and got Sakai into a sunset flip type move, the crowd loved it. Nega wins via frog splash.

Winner: La Rosa Negra

PJ Stackpole and The End come to the ring with contract in hand. FSW World Heavyweight champion Ian Aldwin wants to fight tonight as Stackpole calls out Talon. The contract is for a World title match, tonight. Both men sign it, only for Stackpole to reveal that the contract is for a title match next month. Talon reluctantly accepts it but goes after Aldwin. The numbers game is too much for Talon but reinforcements in the form of Joe Ettell and Mike Verna even up the odds. New commissioner Adam Torkel announces a six-man tag team match for tonight. The End vs. Mike Verna, Joe Ettell and Talon.

"Absolute" Alvin is out to cut a cocky promo. He insults the fans and calls out his opponent. It's revealed to be Malta the Damager.

"Absolute" Alvin vs. Malta the Damager: Damager makes quick work of Alvarez after a vicious bicycle kick and a tombstone piledriver.

Winner: Malta the Damager

FSW Tag Team Championship: The F.B.I. vs. Flawless & Lawless vs. Da House of Payne (c): Flawless & Lawless are strong out of the gate but a double team combination by the F.B.I. Da House of Payne members Hakim Ali and Nick Payne used their size on "Flawless" Blake Morris but Morris risks his body to take out both members of Da House of Payne. Rex Lawless follows suit with a heelo over the top rope. Not too long after that, F.B.I.'s manager Big Sal takes it to Big Daddy Dre on the outside and Tony Mamaluke leaps onto everybody on the outside. Ali rolls up Morris and grabs his tights to pick up the win.

Winners: Da House of Payne

The "Greek God" Papadon is out next for his match against L.A. Park. But first, he gives birthday boy Mike "CM Punk Kid" McNicholas a hard time by telling him to wash his shirt and that the only balls he has are on his chin. After that, he calls out Sunset Park, a masked man of some sort. L.A. Park has enough as he rushes the ring, steel chair in hand and hits Sunset Park with it. He starts dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson until Papdon assaults him from behind.

Papadon vs. L.A. Park: Papadon dominated most of the match. It appeared that pre-match assault took a lot out of the "Chairman of Wrestling." However, after using his weight belt to chop Papadon, Park seemed to be rejuvenated. Park won the match after a spinning headlock elbow drop.

Winner: L.A. Park

After the match, Park finishes the dance he started earlier on.


Supastar Whiplash vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr: Mostly chain wrestling to start as Whiplash is able to match Guerrero move for move early on. Guerrero seemed to have an injury to his right leg, which Whiplash focused on for a majority of the match. It looked like Whiplash was on track to victory after a senton bomb but the savy veteran Guerrero kicked out at two. After hitting two of intended three amigos, Guerrero counters Whiplash' counter and knocks him down. Guerrero hits a sloppy frog splash for the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

After the match, Guerrero thanks the fans, Joel Maximo and praises Whiplash.

Joel Maximo vs. Blue Demon Jr. : Like every other match on the night, it starts out evenly until Blue Demon Jr. took it to Maximo. Demon appeared to have gotten into the mind of Maximo as he was one step ahead of Maximo on each move. On top of that, several slaps to Maximo's face from Demon showed tremendous disrespect. Then, it got ugly as both men battled into the crowd, up the stairs and into the lobby. Fans swarmed the concessions area, looking to get a video, photo or glimpse of the brutality. Eventually, both men returned to the ring and Demon continued his dominance and picked up the win via submission.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr.

After the match, Maximo calls Demon back into the ring and thanks him for the match. He says that he respects Demon and always will. Maximo confirmed that the near 500 people in attendance made this night special. Demon grabs the microphone and thanks the fans as well.

The End vs. Joe Ettell, Mike Verna and Talon: The beginning of the main event that appeared to never end. All six men got their fair share of offense in with Verna doing a lot of the work. At one point, the "Man of Steel" used Leon Mason's shoulders on the outside of the ring to balance before hit a moonsault onto Cyrus Deville. Talon was on the receiving end of a chokeslam from Mason. Joe Ettell was pushed off the top turnbuckle by PJ Stackpole and went through a table. Verna took a triple powerbomb from The End that took him out of the match. All of this action and the match wouldn't end. Stackpole attempted to hit a low blow on Ettell but missed, however Ian Aldwin didn't just like that, The End won. But, new commissioner Adam Torkle restarts the match. Mike Verna goes to the top of the entrance ways and leaps off to take out everybody in sight. In the ring, Talon is able to pin Aldwin after hitting his finisher.

Winners: Joe Ettell, Mike Verna, Talon

Side Notes

- Despite having his own table set-up and promoted heavily, The Sandman did not appear.
- As mentioned, the show drew nearly 500 passionate fans.

Photos by Sulaiman Larokko

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.