Five Borough Wrestling Taps Out Cancer: In Memory of Greatness

One month after Five Borough Wrestling put on a solid outing at the American Legion in Brooklyn, the promotion returned to their new found home and put on one of the best shows in their brief history. 

Debuts from talented, well-traveled performers and continued greatness from their incumbents put together a show with few dull moments and many memorable ones.

The barricade around ringside is meant to keep fans from getting too involved with the show but it almost became a moot point with all the devastating crashes the wrestlers took. 

And, while the ceiling at 5601 Avenue N isn't the highest, the high flying performers on the card soared from London to Greece. 

Lets take a look. 

Displaying DSC_0108.jpgSmiley vs. Anthony Gangone vs. Rude Boy Riley: The match begins with Gangone yanking Smiley's mask off, only to reveal another mask. Gangone is promptly disposed of as Smiley and Riley are left to battle it out. Riley dives to the outside, taking out Gangone and Smiley follows suit as he hits a corkscrew through the second rope. Smiley used a variety of acrobatic moves, keeping his two opponents off balance. Riley used his aggressiveness on Gangone with several kicks. Smiley hit a double springboard 450 on Gangone but Riley used his cunning ways to pick up the victory.

Winner: Rude Boy Riley

Displaying DSC_0188.jpgRhett Titus vs. Amazing Red: Titus is cocky from the onset, showing us his swaying hips and loose lips. Red is able to use his athletic ability to combat Titus but the size difference enables Titus to regain control. On the outside, Red leaps onto Titus as both men make their way back into the ring and Titus pleads with Red. Midway through the match, Red isn't able to find a groove until a spinning kick gives him the breathing room he needs. A tilt-a-whirl DDT from Red wows the audience but can't put away Titus. With Titus making a comeback, Red hits a crossbody that Titus rolls through into a pin but gets a close two. Amazing Red picks up the victory with a sunset flip maneuver.

Winner: Amazing Red

Displaying DSC_0300.jpgTalon vs. Caleb Konley: Evenly matched contest from the get-go as the crowd is firmly in Talon's corner, with a front row of fans with “Talon Section” signs. The match holds a fluid pace as Konley's boastful disposition was apparent but he packed it up with crisp offense. After missing a move off the top rope, Konley lands a litany of stiff forearm shots to Talon, keeping him dazed. Konley gets firm control of the match with his continued forearm shots and a sit-out powerbomb, almost getting him the victory. But Talon uses the leverage of the ropes to hold Konley down in a pinning predicament for the victory.

Winner: Talon

Displaying DSC_0412.jpgAndrew Everett vs. David Starr vs. Tony Nese: Everett is playing around with both guy to start but the games don't last long. Nese and Everett go at it as Starr recuperates on the outside. Upon reentering the match, Starr takes it to both men and adds a Ric Flair strut for his efforts. An impressive spot sees Starr catch Everett off a springboard into a German suplex bridge pin but Nese breaks it up. Starr and Nese exchange blows but Everett flies out of nowhere taking both men off their feet. Starr looks prime to pick up the victory after turning Nese inside out with a clothesline but Everett picks up the win after a reverse hurricanrana.

Winner: Andrew Everett

After the match, all three men embrace and hug after a spectacular performance.

The duo of Mega Muscle, featuring Mike Verna and The Big O are out to speak to a warm reception. Their team song is still beeped out. Verna addresses that at the top of his speech but he goes on to say that what wrestlers do in that ring is the best form of entertainment. Big O wants to get Mega Muscle's tag titles back and wants to settle it all tonight. PJ Stackpole is comes out and he is back in black. He says that Mega Muscle will wrestle tonight at which point T.J. Marconi and Alvin Alvarez attack Mega Muscle from behind. The two teams will wrestle in a non-title match.

Alvin Alvarez/T.J. Macaroni vs. Mega Muscle: Despite an initial flurry from Verna, the team of Marconi and Alvarez are able to isolate Verna from his partner. The teams size advantage is just too much for Verna to overcome. A double team move of neckbreaker paired with a sidewalk slam has Verna in trouble. However, the “Man of Steel” is able to get to his partner and Big O comes in fresh and puts the expiration date on his adversaries. A big power slam from Big O leads Mega Muscle to victory.

Winners: Mega Muscle

Displaying DSC_0560.jpgJT Dunn vs. Paul London: Stalling galore to begin as partnered with a five minute Paul London entrance and not much action to begin, it appeared this match would never get underway. But when both men began, the crowd didn't want it to stop. London hit Dunn with some stiff chops that rang throughout the American Legion. Dunn hits London with several kicks to the face on the outside prior to a vicious spot that involved both men's bodies and the barricade as the crowd looked on in suspense. After making it back to the ring, Dunn is able to hit his signature elbow but cannot put London away. Dunn then tries a guillotine choke but London suplexes Dunn off of himself into the turnbuckles. Both men took each other to the limit but London ultimately won with a shooting star press.

Winner: Paul London


The entire roster gathers around the ring after intermission concludes to pay their respect to Susan Wilson.

Displaying DSC_0632.jpgBrooklyn Street Fight: Casanova Valentine vs. Joe Ettell: Ettell jumps Valentine to start the match with a garbage can lid. That lid becomes a focal point of the match as both competitors use it frequently in this street fight. However, before a winner can be decided, Stockade interferes and lays out everybody with a steel chair.

No Contest

Brian Myers vs. Trevor Lee: The 21-year-old veteran of the wrestling business Trevor Lee squared off against one of the most talented and respect wrestlers on the indies today, Brian Myers. The match was a crisp, solid showing for both men as Lee impressed the audience and Myers showed his usual poise. Myers won with a spear.

Winner: Brian Myers

Displaying DSC_0728.jpgFlawless & Lawless vs. Milk Chocolate vs. The Beaver Boys: All three teams continued their string of outstanding performances. Flawless & Lawless used their size, Milk Chocolate used their antics and speed while The Beaver Boys put forth a gritty performance and wouldn't let up. Johnny Silver of the Beaver Boys showed some impressive strength as he was able to heave everybody across the ring, including Rex Lawless, although it took some effort. Brandon Watts of Milk Chocolate took quite a beating in this one, including hitting himself on the barricade after taking a Doomsday Device type move from Flawless & Lawless. The Beaver Boys had victory slip through their fingers as Lawless and Morris capitalized on their work to steal the win.

Winners: Flawless & Lawless

We have a moment to announce the winner of the nights raffle. PJ Stackpole announces himself as the winner until Mike Verna makes his way out to the ring. He doesn't want to fight but wants to be nice with Stackpole. They shake hands but Verna applies pressure to Stackpole. Verna tells Stackpole he won't hit him but he knows somebody who will. At which point, a lovely young lady hits the ring dressed and yellow and slaps the daylight out of Stackpole, before announcing the winner.

CJP is out for his main event title match against Papadon. However, Papdon comes out with tapped up ribs and says that he hurt himself in the gym earlier in the week. He says that he cannot compete and will forfeit the title. But since the show is for a great cause, he found Parker a suitable replacement. “Enter Sandman” hits but Papadon assaults Parker from behind, fooling all of the fans.

Displaying DSC_0823.jpgFive Borough Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship: CJP vs. Papadon (c): Papadon's assault has Parker struggling to start but he quicly turns it around. Both men are pretty evenly matched or the first half of the match. That's when the second rope breaks off and both competitors finish the match without it. CJP actually uses the steel part of the rope on Papadon. CJP is mostly in control but Papadon hits some big moves but can't get a three and yells in desperation at the referee, pleading, begging and wanting a three count. The finish sees a distracted referee not see Papdon hit CJP with a low blow and Papadon finishes off CJP with a shining wizard.

Winner: Papadon


Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.