Exclusive: Rhett Titus Talks Ring of Honor, Daniel Bryan and Independent Wrestling

With swaying hips and pinpoint kicks, Ring of Honor veteran Rhett Titus has been a company mainstay for nearly a decade. In that decade, the man "Addicted to Love" has shown to be addicted to honor.

From training with the likes of Austin Aries and Daniel Bryan, winning tag team gold and facing Kevin Steen for the World championship, Titus career has grown along with the company. And for the 27-year-old Titus, the way ROH expanded is a pleasure to see.

"I mean, it's crazy, you know. Live pay-per-views, television, when I started with the company, it was 2005, there was a lot of good guys on the roster, but, you know, it wasn't going to all the different places," said Titus. "There's a few core cities,  but now, you just got out in Texas, going to Oklahoma, Canada, the list goes on and on. Ever since Sinclair Broadcasting group took over, they really expanded it and made it into a top-notch, national wrestling promotion."

But before he started with Ring of Honor, Titus trained with the aforementioned Austin Aries and Daniel Bryan. After Aries returned home, Bryan moved to Philadelphia and began training ROH's future talent.

Prior reports claimed that Titus did not like training with Bryan. A surprising revelation, considering Bryan's success in wrestling and his usually low-key disposition. However, Titus did notice a difference between Daniel Bryan the person and Daniel Bryan the trainer.

"He takes wrestling very seriously," said Titus. "If you're not taking it seriously, he'll let you know. He worked us out hard and always taught as a lot of cool new holds. But Bryan outside the ring is definitely different than Bryan inside the ring."

Recently, the "Romantic Touch" found his way onto WWE television in a quick, losing outing against The Ascension, the former NXT tag team champions. It wasn't the first time Titus received  tryout or a look from the WWE.

With the NXT brand picking up steam and popularity on a weekly basis, the idea of taking his talents to Florida and the Performance Center to better himself intrigues the former half of the All-Night Express.

"That Performance Center, there is nothing like it. It's a beautiful facility, the weights are all brand new, seven rings, it's a beautiful place. And to be able to train there everyday, I think that would be an environment I would totally thrive in."

In this exclusive interview, Titus also talks about his debut for Five Borough Wrestling, a funny Nigel McGuiness story involving his swaying hips and children, his future and more.

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Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.