Exclusive: Mark Chervinsky Talks 'At What Cost? Anatomy of Professional Wrestling' [Part 1]

Film director/producer Mark Chervinsky's newest project is the documentary 'At What Cost? Anatomy of Professional Wrestling.' After dabbling in the production of various wrestling-related projects and mainstream televsion shows -- such as 'The Biggest Loser,' 'The Apprentice,' and more -- Chervinsky has completed a four-year journey that focuses on the trials and tribulations of being in the professional wrestling industry.

In this 95-minute documentary, Chervinsky leaves his Los Angeles home to scour the industry and talk to several notable performers, such as Diamond Dallas Page, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Paul London, and more. In addition to several mainstays on the independent circuit, Chervinsky digs into the wrestlers' mind, trying to find their passion for the industry and all the sacrifices they have made in search of success.

Part 1 of The Mark Out's exclusive interview features Chervinsky talking about what inspired him to make this documentary, some of his favorite parts, the big name he almost interviewed for the movie and more.

Listen to Part 1 below:

This movie is available now. You can either rent this movie ($3.99/72-hour stream period) or purchase the entire documentary ($9.99). You can do so at this link.

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Mark Suleymanov

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