Is Wrestling Fixed? Bill Apter Reveals Answer In New Book

No, wrestling is not fixed. Do you want to know why?

It was never broken.

Professional wrestling is, many times, met with scoffs and laughter while being ridiculed for being "fake." However, the legendary Bill Apter explains to the world just how real it can get in and out of the ring through his new book Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn't Know It Was Broken: From Photo Shoots and Sensational Stories to the WWE Network, Bill Apter's Incredible Pro Wrestling Journey.

A native of Queens, NY, Apter, with the support of his family, began attending professional wrestling events as a youngster. Starting with nothing but a few posters in his room and an alleged perfect dropkick, shades of Antonino Rocca, Apter's journey to becoming one of, if not the most respected journalists in professional wrestling was underway at an early age.

Eventually,"Wonderful Willie," as he became known to several wrestlers, landed his first gig, working for Stanley Weston and Pro Wrestling Illustrated. At that point, loyalty becomes a big theme throughout the book as Apter, despite receiving offers from the likes of WWE for years, never left Weston's side. That is until an offer from a major magazine persuaded Apter to make a career change which not only almost put him out of wrestling, but eventually gave his occupation a second lease on life.

Loyalty and professionalism go hand-in-hand as you read through this book. You get a genuine sense of comfort and appreciation for Apter's work through the wrestlers' reception to him. From Hulk Hogan and John Cena to fans on the street, Apter's love for communicating and engaging audiences shines through -- showing why he made the right career choice at a young age.

While the thick layer of juicy, behind the scenes stories -- like being confronted by Randy Savage or enamored with Nancy 'Woman' Benoit -- is what makes this a must-read, it's the small, obscure, and quirky details about Apter's life on the road that add sprinkles to an already delicious story. From his love for karaoke to defending his Office Championship Wrestling title, Apter includes all the details that go beyond his in-depth recountings of helping Hogan get a role in Rocky III or set up the infamous Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman skit.

We usually get a few books from people within the professional wrestling industry every year, mostly recalling their life on the road, erotic escapades, and why they never wanted to put that young guy over. Yet, Apter not only puts over the talent, the fans, and the people who guided him to success, he does it with a cheerful zest and zero regrets. 

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Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.