Five Borough Wrestling's 'Nightmare on Avenue N' Results

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Just a few weeks before the sweetness of Halloween candy consumes us all, Five Borough Wrestling was back at the American Legion on Ave. N in Brooklyn, New York. Featuring a wide cast of talent from all the major promotions, FBW had some tricks and some treats up their sleeves.

The evening started with some entertaining antics from fresh faces and continued with spectacular in-ring work from the veterans. But at the end of the night, FBW was left with more questions than answers as a crusade for change set in.

Sonny Kiss vs. Robbie E: An entertaining opening bout as Kiss used his flamboyant style and one of a kind twerking abilities to frustrate TNA's own Robbie E. After keeping Robbie E off balance for most of the match, Kiss picked up the victory with a roll up after kissing him.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

After the match, Absolute Alvin -- who made his way to the ring during the match -- tries giving a confused Kiss a rose, but to no avail.

Absolute Alvin (w/Ultimo Maya) vs. All-Star Lou vs. Jorge Santi vs. JustNef vs. Tyler Murphy: Santi got a nice reaction from the crowd and featured some strong flurries. But Alvarez was too much to handle for the other four men as "Absolute" Alvin wins with a leg drop.

Winner: Absolute Alvin

The Crusade for Change (TJ Marconi, Stockade, and Anthony Gangone) confronted GM PJ Stackpole. Things got heated before "The Man of Steel" Mike Verna came out and helped Stackpole avoid a beating. Marconi issues a warning to Verna as the crusaders leave. It seems the once bitter rivals Stackpole and Verna are on the same page once again.

Latino Dragon defeated Alex Mason.

FBW Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Flawless & Lawless (Blake Morris and Rex Lawless) (c) vs. EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik) vs. Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers and Brandon Watts) vs. The World's Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae): The action in the match was nonstop and sweeter than the blow pop Joey Ryan put in a fans mouth before the match began. Morris and Lawless looked as dominant as ever but were still caught off guard at times. LaRae had a significant role in the match, flying around the ring and holding her own against the FBW Tag Team champions. She even garnered an "I Love Candice" chant from the FBW faithful. But Flawless & Lawless were too much to overcome as they defeated each in the gauntlet match -- capping off with Lawless pinning Ryan to secure the win.

Winners: Flawless & Lawless

Carlito vs. "The Greek God" Papadon: Carlito looked in outstanding shape as he made his FBW debut. Papadon, in his trademark bad guy routine, insulted the crowd -- mainly CM Punk kid -- and went to work on Carlito. At one point, Papadon knocked out the referee and tried spitting an apple into Carlito's face. But Papadon failed in doing so as Carlito recovered, spit the apple into Papadon's face, and won with a backstabber.

Winner: Carlito

-- Intermission --

Joe Gacy vs. Logan Black: In the first match after intermission, Black rolled up Gacy after a low blow to pick up the win.

Winner: Logan Black

A Lariat Production (DJ Hyde and "The Product" David Starr) vs. FBW Heavyweight Champion Brian Myers and Kevin Matthews: An interesting tag team match that furthered the issues between all four men. But this night, Hyde and Starr came out on top after a low blow and a roll-up.

Winners: A Lariat Production

A special announcement is made as "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega will be at FBW's next show, Season's Last Wish, on Dec. 18.

No Disqualification Match: The Crusade for Change (TJ Marconi, Stockade, and Anthony Gangone) vs. Mike Verna, Rudeboy Riley, and Talon: Without the doubt the most chaotic blunder of a main event in FBW history. Everything from chairs, ladders, and pans were used as weapons with all six men beating the hell out of each other. At one point, a man wearing the Crusaders' mask comes out and attacks Talon. Talon chases the masked man to the back, but he returns just a few minutes later. This time, about 20 people in masks enter the venue and proceed to dismantle Verna and Riley. The leader behind the attack is revealed and it's Darius Carter. Stockade hits his finisher on Verna for the win.

Winners: Crusade for Change

After the match, Marconi carries Stackpole out of the venue as Stockade and Carter proclaim that "The only the beginning." Verna and Riley are left motionless as they receive help from the locker room to end the show.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.