Five Borough Wrestling's 'Too Sweet' Review

Credit: Five Borough Wrestling/Facebook
Five Borough Wrestling was back in action on Sept. 25, filling up the American Legion at 5601 Ave. N in Brooklyn, NY. And with a near-capacity crowd in attendance, the show was able to keep fans entertained all night, thanks in part to the legendary performers who appeared at the event.

Making their FBW debuts were WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash and the legendary Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman. While 'Big Sexy' and a quad injury prevented him from wrestling, his fellow Kliq member made sure that the Brooklyn fans went home happy.

In addition to the legends, the show featured a classic match for the FBW World Heavyweight championship, a wrestling purist's dream match and crusade for change that seems to be determined to change the entire landscape of the promotion.

Let's take a look at the results on the evening.


FBW Invitational Battle Royal: Alex Mason vs. Mike Orlando vs. Chris Romano vs. Nutrious X vs. "All Star" Lou Torres vs. Sasha Jenkins: A relatively quick opening contest, featuring some young talent trying to make their names at Five Borough Wrestling. Alex Mason wins the match.

Winner: Alex Mason

Brittany Blake vs. Brooke Danielle w/DG Haven: Another short pre-show match. Blake picks up the win when Danielle's manager DG Haven accidentally knocks her loopy.

Winner: Britanny Blake

Main Show

'Rude Boy' Riley vs. Logan Black: Outstanding match to kick off the show. These tag team partners turned rivals seemed to know exactly what the other one was thinking throughout the match. It was almost like watching an athletic chess match, as each man seemed to have a counter for his opponent's counters counter. Logan attempts a flying elbow from the top rope but Riley picks up the victory with a knee to Black's face.

Winner: 'Rude Boy' Riley

After the match, a strange mask that was resting on the ring post catches Riley's attention and seems to disorient him a bit.

FBW Tag Team Championship: The Dubb Boyz (Dave McCall and Nate Carter) vs. Flawless & Lawless (c) (Rex Lawless and Blake Morris) vs. Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Berry)  vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts and Randy Summers): All four teams put in an effort worthy of championship gold in this match. Dan Berry, in particular, needs to get some praise as he kept everybody off balance with his flying around the ring. The crowd was alive throughout, especially after both Watts and Berry took out the competition with their trademark aerial tactics. A parade of false finishes eventually ended with Milk Chocolate hitting their finishing move on one of the Dubb Boyz, thus winning the championships.

Winners and NEW FBW Tag Team Champions: Milk Chocolate

Manager P.J. Stackpole was none to pleased with his Flawless and Lawless' performance, which lead to a physical altercation between all three men. Stackpole ends up kissing Lawless' feet.

First Time Ever: Kevin Matthews vs. JT Dunn: Wrestling each other for the first time, Dunn and Matthews hit each other with their stiffest shots, turning a wrestling match into a slugfest. Matthews used his size advantage to throw Dunn around the ring, while "The Juice" used his signature quickness to keep Matthews honest. Perhaps the narrative of Dunn's FBW career, he came close to pinning Matthews on several occasions but in the end, Matthews pinned Dunn after hitting his Ego Driver.

Winner: Kevin Matthews

 Drew Gulak vs. Papadon: This match was about as scientific as a wrestling match gets. Countless suplex variations, vicious right hands, and a raucous crowd completely against Papadon. But in his usual dirty ways, Papadon deviated from the textbook wrestling direction of the match and used a low blow to put away Gulak.

Winner: Papadon


Damien Darling vs. Alexander James: Darling messes with James to start, teasing the crowd with James' pillow. Trying to score an early victory, Darling tries several quick pins. James is in control, but Darling rallies. Back and forth contest but Darling wins his first match in three months.

Winner: Damien Darling

Anthony Gangone vs. Talon: Gangone slaps Talon in the face at the onset. The match is slow and ends abruptly as "The Rogue" Gangone allows himself to be counted out.

Winner: Talon

Gangone urges Talon to join him, but Talon refuses.

FBW World Heavyweight Championship: David Starr w/ D.J. Hyde vs. Brian Myers (c): Quick pace to this match as Starr's taunts and Myers' quick reactions had the crowd going. But CZW owner D.J. Hyde and his presence played a huge role, not allowing Myers to sustain any momentum. Starr almost put Myers away with a lethal neck breaker into a superkick combination. "Let's Go Myers!" chants ring throughout the venue and the "Prince of Queens" rewards the crowd with a spear. But Hyde interferes, causing the disqualification.

Winner: Brian Myers

As Hyde and Starr go to work on Myers, Kevin Matthews makes the save.

Stockade and TJ Marconi are out for the main event. Marconi, a huge fan of Kevin Nash growing up calls out his favorite wrestler. Nash comes out to a loud ovation. He cannot compete due to a quad injury, but still runs down both Marconi and Stockade for their weight, telling them to "cut the carbs and hit the gym." Nash says The Kliq never goes anywhere alone and reveals X-Pac asMike Verna's tag team partner.

X-Pac and Mike Verna w/Kevin Nash  vs. Stockade and TJ Marconi: Verna and X-Pac are in control early and the crowd is loving it. Verna did a lions share of the work in this match, with X-Pac coming in to get the crowd hot. Marconi and Stockade had their moments in this match, but Verna, X-Pac and chair wielding spectator in Kevin Nash was just too much for them to overcome.

Winners: Mike Verna and X-Pac

 After the match, Nash and X-Pac leave. However, Stockade, Marconi and Anthony Gangone take it to Verna, 'Rude Boy' Riley and Talon. All the babyfaces are laid out and it appears we have a crusade for change in FBW.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.