Exclusive: The Wolves Talk TNA, ROH, NXT, and Future

Photo Credit: Tina Ruocco
One of the most respected tag teams in the industry, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, better known as the Wolves have put their talent on display around the world.

From their successful stints with Ring of Honor, wrestling in Japan and being current stalwarts with TNA, Richards and Edwards have been successful everywhere they've went. Now, as they prepare for their second show in as many nights in Brooklyn, the duo joins the Mark Out to cover a litany of topics.

Do Richards and Edwards fear being typecast as a tag team? What is their relationship with ROH? Are there any issues between them and WWE after their NXT tryout last year? What does their future hold? All of that and more is answered by the self proclaimed "Destination America" Wolves.

Listen to the interview below.

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.