Exclusive: Justin LaBar Talks Chairshot Reality, Baltimore Orioles and WWE [Part 2]

With his journey into professional wrestling cleared up in part one of this exclusive, the host of Chairshot Reality on Wrestlezone.com, Justin Labar joins me for this part two exclusive to discuss his journalistic ventures.

LaBar had a vision for an internet wrestling show and thanks to the support from Wrestlezone.com, the show managed to grow leaps and bounds since its inception. Now, LaBar discusses the original concept for the show, how its been able to grow and its future. Also, an avid baseball fan his whole life, LaBar takes a few minutes to cover his Baltimore Orioles team that will look drastically different this upcoming 2015 season.

Also, LaBar covers his relationship with the WWE and his overall opinion on the company and the current product. Could LaBar be WWE bound at some point during his career? His answer may surprise you.

Listen to the interview here:

Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.