WWE Live Holiday Tour: Madison Square Garden!

  Good day, people! Just checking in tonight after having attended WWE's Live event tonight at Madison Square Garden. Was sort of a last minute decision to go, but I am sure glad that I decided to go. WWE, as they usually always do, put a spectacular live event, with some extremely moronic or dull moments thrown in there. The main event alone was enough for me to see it, with John Cena, going one on one with our WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Also, a must see match was the tag team championship steel cage match, with The Brotherhood going up against The Real Americans. Let's take a look at the results for the show, with a brief recap of each match!

1. Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio- Hearing this match was advertised, made me think we could see a potential gem. Rey Mysterio looked very cool in Spiderman gear also. Alberto Del Rio also was making a return from a recent concussion. It seemed as if both men were extremely tentative to go full force. A lot of stalling from the onset, with a few nice counters and moves. But overall, slow paced with a few nice spots.
Overall- 6.0/10

2. Zack Ryder defeated Brodus Clay- Brodus came out in a Boston Celtics jersey, drawing some heat from the crowd. Out next was Ryder to a surprising but not shocking loud and positive response. Brodus dominated pretty much the entire match, until Zack Ryder caught Brodus with a quick roll-up for the pin. Really quick filler match but nice to see Ryder get a win.
Overall- 3.0/10

3. Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Cameron and Naomi defeated Aksana, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox- The fans were given the option to tweet for either a dance off or tag team match. Fans voted for a dance off and we got a few minutes of dancing in until a brawl ensued. Brad Maddox came out and made it an 8 diva tag team match. Naomi was most impressive in the match, and everything else was a bit slow paced. Some nice moves thrown in there but an obvious win for The Bella Twins and Cameron and Naomi.
Overall- 3.5/10

4. Sin Cara defeated Curtis Axel- Axel came out first, and cut a heel promo to the crowd. Called us morons and proclaimed we are seeing the son of a legend and that he is Better Than Perfect. Sin Cara was out next to a nice reaction. Really slow paced match which resulted in a few "BORING!" chants. Sin Cara eventually picked up the pace a bit, and the win.
Overall- 4.5/10
Axel, being upset after the loss, challenged any superstar in the back, claiming his 2013 won't end like this.

5. The Great Khali defeated Curtis Axel- Khali came out to a surprisingly nice reaction, and barely was was able to walk to the ring. The two men just kind of taunted each other, before Khali hit Axel with a quick chop for the 1,2,3. Quick filler match, looked like they needed to kill some time.
Overall- 0.5/10

6. Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeated The Real Americans (Steel Cage Match for WWE Tag Team Championships)- The match I was looking most forward to, and it did not disappoint. Both teams garnered nice responses from the crowd. A lot of amazing back and forth action and great timing on many spots. Goldust looks amazing and performed even better, looking not a day over 30. Cesaro used one of the longer Cesaro swings on Goldust towards the end. Cody got the hot tag and cleaned house. The ending came on a beautiful moonsault from Cody Rhodes to Antonio Cesaro....OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Moment of the night for me, and match of the night as well. The cage seemed a bit too loose however.
Overall- 9.0/10.

7. Los Matadores and El Torito defeated Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal and Ricardo Rodriguez- Did not seem that the crowd was that much into this match, besides the El Torito appearances in the match. Overall, Los Matadores showed some athletic ability and 3MB minus Slater got some work in too. Funny spots with Ricardo tagging in on a few occasions, only to miss his move. The finish came with El Torito defeating Ricardo with a Hurricanrrana facebuster. The ending saved an otherwise horrendous match.
Overall- 5.0/10

8. Big Show defeated Kane: Special Guest Referee: Booker T- Booker T was out first to officiate to a very positive response. Out next was Kane for a nice response, and finally Big Show, to a rather sizable reaction. The match was what you'd expect from these two. Slow paced, many rest holds and a lot of time spent on the mat. Big Show seemed very out of shape, as he was laying around for most of the match. Kane looked in good shape and ready for the match. Ending came with a frustrated Kane putting his hand on Booker, only to eat a kick from Booker and a Big Show knock out punch. Decent for what it was.
Overall- 5.5/10
Post match, Booker T brings out Michael PS Hayes to do his moonwalk, then Big Show attempts and spinaroonie and then Booker ends the segment with a perfect spinaroonie of his own. Funny stuff.

9. John Cena defeated  Randy Orton (c) by DQ : WWE World Heavyweight Championship- The main event of the evening, both men came out to the loudest ovations of the night. A lot of Cena fans but a very close amount of Randy Orton fans as well. Very good match put on by these two outstanding athletes. I do not remember a time where Orton has looked as crisp and embracing of his role as a character and a wrestler. Both men got fair amounts of offense in and made it a very believable main event. Great back and forth moves from both men, until Orton gets disqualified for a low blow. Great main event with two amazing athletes.
Overall- 8.5/10
Post match, Orton seems to be leaving the ring, only to return to try to punt John Cena's head off. Instead, Orton catches an AA for his troubles and leaves the ring as Cena stands tall. Cena grabs a microphone and thanks the MSG crowd and says that even with a revamped MSG, we're still the loudest fans around. Thus concluding the show.

- Michael PS Hayes tried to leap the ropes during the entrance, only to fall flat on his butt.

- WWE advertised their return for Madison Square Garden on March 8th, advertising John Cena, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, The Wyatt Family and a returning BATISTA!

- The television screen above the ring seemed to be crashing periodically during the show.

- I saw John Cena outside the Garden post match and he seemed to be in good spirits.

- Former 2 time WWF Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, and a friend, Bob Backlund was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans during and before the show.

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