The Mark Out Podcast EP 10: David Starr Interview

Photo by Sulaiman Larrokko

"The Product" David Starr joins the podcast and it's definitely an emotional roller coaster. For starters, Starr shares his experience from the European tour he recently finished -- the first of his career -- and the impressions he got working around the world. Also, a proud Jewish man, Starr talks about his visit to a concentration camp and how it helped him appreciate his religion. The several-time tag team champion also talks about a recent incident with fans at a CZW show in which he lost his cool and went viral with an animated response to their alleged racist comments. Also, Starr tells the wrestling world which European wrestlers are on the cusp of greatness, his future, recent TNA/ROH tryouts, and so much more. Plus, Mark Suleymanov weighs in on the recent Ariel Helwani controversy.
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Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.