Tier 1 Wrestling's 'March To Victory' Excites In Brooklyn Debut

BROOKLYN, NY -- Making both their Brooklyn, New York and iPPV debut, Tier 1 Wrestling (T1W) brought a fast-paced, storyline-oriented style of professional wrestling to the American Legion at 5601 Avenue N as the company presented March To Victory last Sunday night.

Teaming with World Wrestling Network (WWN Live) for the first time, T1W had surprising twists and debuts prepared before the hot dogs were cooked and salt on the pretzels at concessions had settled.

In the opening bout, “Wrestling's Richest Prize” and Crusade for Change member Darius Carter defeated the energetic Fred Yehi. Yehi had his adversary off balance for most of the bout until an errant elbow brought Carter from the precipice of defeat. Carter finished off Yehi with his finisher, the Foreclosure (Codebreaker).

Celebrating his victory with a blissful arrogance, Carter was surprised by “The Juice” JT Dunn who was making his T1W debut. After a heated exchange, Dunn dropped Carter with Death by Elbow as the crowd let out an electric roar.

“The fans were treated to every style of pro-wrestling under the sun; some of their favorites, and some new faces,” T1W management said in a statement to The Mark Out after the show. “These talented guys and girls were exposed to fans all around the country and the world, and that's a huge success in our book.”

An action-packed six-way elimination bout featuring Gran Akuma, Black Baron, Joey Ace, "Colossal" Mike Law, Nutrious X and JustNeph was next. The action was all over the ring but Law and Nutrius X soared above it, keeping the crowd thrilled with various dives to the outside of the ring. At one point, all six men formed a tarantula like  scene as everybody applied a submission hold.After chopping Akuma's chest to a near bloody pulp, the newcomer Baron rolled him up to win the bout.

The next bout was arguably the most violent as “The American Nightmare” Logan Black took on “The Elite Athlete” Mike Orlando (w/ Miss New York) in a street fight. Most of the match was fought on the outside, even spilling into the crowd. Former UFC fighter and current EVOLVE superstar Matt Riddle was checking out the match from the merchandise tables and aided Black with a water bottle.

With assistance from Juba – who was thought to be acting as security for Miss New York – Black defeated Orlando. Miss New York looked to be in danger before Booty and the Beast (Alex Mason & Sonny Kiss) made the save.

The VALKYRIE Women's Showcase bout pitting Aja "Super" Perera (w/Nina Monet) against 'The Clockwork Angel' Katred (w/Dementia DeRose) was short-lived and led directly to arguably the most anticipated showdown of the night. Perera won with a kick to the back of Katred's head.

EVOLVE champion Timothy Thatcher taking on NXT superstar, “The Psycho Killer” Tommaso Ciampa followed. This match was comprised of two parts: the first being a technical wrestling clinic and then an all-out brawl facilitated by Ciampa's mean streak. The viciousness of all the moves resonated throughout the building as fans were split 50/50.

On the verge of victory and a future T1W title shot, Ciampa was stopped by a jaw-shattering headbutt from Thatcher, putting him down for the three count. The crowd showed its appreciation for the two competitors and their physically grueling match – something that didn't go unnoticed with T1W officials.

“Fans can expect change,” T1W management added. “We want to keep things fresh. New faces. New matches, but always with a purpose. Once someone gets hooked here, they're always going to have something to follow. We pride ourselves developing careers rather than just being a pit-stop.”

The next bout was a fatal four-way tag team contest. Alex Mason/Sonny Kiss vs. Monkey Flip (Space Monkey/Travis Gordon) vs. Spring Street Suicide Squad (Ken Lee & Chris Crunk) vs. Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts) brought everything from pre-match rap battles (Summers vs. Crunk) and twerk-offs (Watts vs. Kiss) to in-match superkick parties. Monkey Flip edged out their competition after Gordon nailed a corkscrew moonsault.

“The Unpredictable” JGeorge vs. “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks and vSk vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page were the final two bouts before the main event. JGeorge dominated Brooks for most of their Last Person Standing match, taunting her and disrespecting her -- a scene that appeared to make some in the crowd uncomfortable. However, Brooks couldn't exact her revenge as JGeorge's FEDERATED comrades (Ace Romero & vSK) interfered, costing her the match.

Page and a returning Fallah Bahh scared off FEDERATED from causing more damage. Bahh lured vSK back into the ring for his scheduled match with Page. There was conviction with each strike from Page as he was looking to put away vSK. However, "The Clockwork Angel" Katred, fresh off her loss earlier in the night, interfered and cost Page the match.

The main event was next. "The Fresh Prince of Shaolin" and T1W champion Rude Boy Riley took on "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese. With the T1W title on the line, Nese brought his swift kicks and instant offense, keeping Riley off balance early. Riley had the crowd firmly in his corner but the savvy veteran Nese seemingly had a counter to everything until he caught one of the champion's signature knees to the face.

With Riley in control, Nese seemed to create moves as he went, hitting Riley with a unique version of a pump handle slam -- still not enough for a win. A missed 450 splash proved to be Nese's mistake as Riley followed that mishap with a pop-up knee to the face for the win.

Gran Akuma assaulted Riley after the main event, laying out the champion with the Rubix Cube. The maneuver looked devastating as Riley was nearly dropped on his head. The crowd was stunned as T1W went off the air with their champion a mangled wreck.

Despite the ending, T1W, and its fans enjoyed arguably their most successful show yet and their partnerships and other ventures are booming.

"After 'March To Victory', it's safe to say that the relationship between Tier 1 and WWNLive is stronger than ever. It was a huge test for us, and everything went according to plan. We would say smoothly, but things are never smooth in this business. It's just the nature of the beast. The future holds more good business, that's for sure."

An announcement regarding the company's next show is expected for next week.

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Quick Results

Darius Carter Brass Ring Invitational: Darius Carter defeated Fred Yehi via Foreclosure

Six-Way Elimination Fray: Gran Akuma vs. Black Baron vs. Joey Ace vs. "Colossal" Mike Law vs. Nutrious X vs. JustNeph

  • Law eliminates JustNeph
  • Nutrious X pins Law
  • Baron pins Nutrious X
  • Akuma submits Ace
  • Baron pins Akuma for victory

Street Fight: Logan Black defeated Mike Orlando w/Miss New York

Valkyrie Women's Professional Wrestling Showcase: Aja "Super" Perera w/Nina Monet defeated "The Clockwork Angel" Katred w/Dementia DeRose

First Time Ever Attraction Bout: Timothy Thatcher defeated Tomasso Ciampa

Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match: Monkey Flip (Space Monkey/Travis Gordon) defeated Booty and the Beast (Alex Mason/Sonny Kiss), Spring Street Suicide Squad (Ken Lee & Chris Crunk), and Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts).

Last Person Standing: "The Unpredictable" JGeorge defeated "Bonesaw" Jessie Brooks

Grudge Match: vSk defeated "All Ego" Ethan Page

T1W Title Match: Rude Boy Riley (c) defeated Tony Nese


Mark Suleymanov

Sports Journalist.